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@hack745 said:
" While I'd love a college-level Persona, all of the previous entries in the franchise (save one) are in a high school setting, and I imagine the next game will be too. "
On persona 2 (i dont remember if it was innocent sin or eternal punishement) you were playing as Maya, adult giornalist. 
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It will never be as good as the game.
So it will  disappoint everone, and if persona trinity soul is any indication it won't be as good as a turd

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Didn't Izanami said she created Ameno-sagiri just to give a goal to the party?  so they will be compelled to do something?
Ameno-sagiri was just a Izanami puppet, designed to give some trill to the town ,if you get the bad ending the world wont end. The fog will stay in place and dissipate after a while.

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To be true, the normal ending kinda suck. It don't explain anything and its basicly is the investigation team fail to grasp the truth. Returning to ther live ignorant of the mastermind.
 It should be called filler ending the true ending is *gasp* the true ending of the game.

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Risette stolen porn clip. 
Secret persona 5 bonus

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@metalsnakezero said:
" Idols in Japan start out very young. "
Yes, but if i remember well the MC in P3 got scolded by the monk because he wasn't old enough for entering that place
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In Port Island she said "2 years ago i was performing here when etc"
She was 13.

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Mind charge + Tarakuja + Fist sound really good, but it will take 3 turn to do that. Any other caster will do more damage casting 3 time a *dyne spell.

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@FlipperDesert said:
" An older Nanako, possibly involved with the main storyline. Or Akihiko! He's already in the anime, after all.  Though, a completely new cast would be preferable. "
dude, the persona anime should be lost in the oblivion, don't ever mention it again. 
" @SmashedControllers: Oh really? I only played Eternal Punishment since Innocent Sin was never released in the US. I demand Atlus localize Innocent Sin and release it to the US >:( "
Innocent sin was fan-translated last year
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more like hentai fan-fiction :)