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Same. Seem to have suddenly become not a subscriber as of Jan. Weird.

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$87.5 Million.

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Is there a way to watch it on Twitch?

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I played "Theme from Jurassic Park" by John Williams in my local bar last night in his honor.

We are all thinking about you Tricky.

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Here's mine. I had to add an underscore when I had to create a new account. (lost a bunch of trophies too) It's disappointing.

Feel Free to add me! I'll be adding all of you! I plan on getting Lumines, Wipeout, and Hot Shots Golf. Next week.

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@Seppli: The only issues I've had have been open-world jank that I've come to expect with massive open-world games (weird dialogue with NPC's, and for a time I was stuck sprinting). The only hardware related issue I've had have been a couple crash to desktop, but they both happened when I was doing something steam related: once when hitting shift-tab (hasn't done this ever again) and when I was trying to take a screenshot of a fucking dragon fighting two giants (I had just quicksaved so it was OK). I'm actually really impressed with its performance otherwise.

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Only a few hours into the game, I was trekking across a mountain, when I saw a Dragon-looking icon on the map. I thought, "Oh man, I'm only level 4. I definitely shouldn't take on a dragon..." when I hear it. The terrible sound of dragon wings spreading and beating against the air around me. It was about this time I realized I had quick saved about 10 seconds before... So I decided to take him on.

I was at the top of a huge peak, with very little around me to stand on without falling to my death. I used the strategy of hiding behind the peak while he hovered, and hit him with my Ember Bow until he would land, then hit him with my sick Axe thing (the names of these things are too insane to memorize). I only died 2 times, until I had bested him. Went from barely level 4 to almost level 6. It took me a moment to realize I hadn't taken a breath in about a minute, and I was sweating.

This game is amazing.

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Dude I have the opposite problem. Stuck in perma-sprint. Also pretty much every dialogue with an NPC will result in them saying two sentences at once and their mouth going bat-shit fast trying to keep up. Playing on PC.

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I had some GameStop gift cards my relatives got me that were about to expire (every year I tell them: "AMAZON!" but they never listen) so I went to pick it up. I was probably going to get the PS3 version, but the store literally had ordered ONE COPY for each system, and had already sold the PS3 version. It was actually kind of sad.