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SPM: Binding of Isaac 0

Edmund McMillen's latest creation is as beautiful as it is uglyThe Binding of Isaac.Based on the biblical story, The Binding of Isaac is a randomly generated, twin-stick shooter/dungeon crawler with obvious influences to the original Legend of Zelda. But this game is anything but a homage to the classics, as The Binding of Issac follows up Edmund McMillen's wonderful visual style seen in Super Meat Boy and adds several layers of depth and darkness.The game tells the story of Isaac's mother, who ...

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SPM: Rayman Origins 0

The last Rayman game I played was the original Rayman way-back-when on the Playstation. A masterpiece of 2d platforming that was also bastard hard. I’ve still never completed that game, even after downloading it on the Playstation 3, but I loved it because it was bright, vibrant and really fun.Since then the Rayman franchise has gone off in several directions; including a couple of 3D games and a bunch of mental rabbits. Rayman Origins takes the series back to where it started, but adds a few ne...

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