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FFV forever. It has a goofy story, but it's funny and plays fast and it has the most interesting, flexible job system the series ever saw. Also, some of the best themes to grace any of the Final Fantasy soundtracks.

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Probably not, but Minecraft is a pretty good game to learn to navigate WASD+mouse on, since it's relatively undemanding and has a pretty wide margin of 'aiming' error. Might as well learn sometime, you'll open up a world of possibilities when you do! ( I learned on Mass Effect just a few years ago, myself. )

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@Cornman89: I'm glad you stepped in with that, so I didn't have to.

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I've also been having some pretty serious issues DLing HD videos. Download dies somewhere in the middle of downloading on almost any HD video and even some of the bigger high quality videos. As I primarily use my whiskey membership to download videos to watch later, this is NOT OKAY. I'm three happy hours behind because of this, and lord knows how many QLs.

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That sounds around the same as their other games, maybe even a little more. So ... yep. Sign me up. I was sold anyway, nothing outside of learning the game would cause a Ringu-esque death curse to be put upon me would keep me from playing it.

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360.  I would probably go and pick up Sega Rally Online or one of the random shmups I don't have.

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@I_smell: But half of college is sitting through shitty required courses where the TA is pimping some professor's book that nobody buys outside of the class he teaches and you hate everything about being there and blowing thousands of dollars on that kind of wankshow.

I'll take Portal over that. For real.
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The idea of being a nongamer exposed to Portal for the first time seems kind of amazing to me. I don't know if it'd click or just drive people away forever. You don't start people on movies with Casablanca, you know? But Portal probably gets by due to being much more modern.

I am kind of surprised so few people noticed Chell, though. The very first portal you go through, if you're observant, will give you a glimpse of yourself.

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The Maltese Falcon, Casablanca, and Double Indemnity. Good trio to get you started.

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Yeah, I noticed that when I went to update the password of my japanese account. Oh well. Glad I grabbed that El Shaddai demo back before everything imploded.