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Man, this is exciting news. I don't even have to follow anyone new on twitter or ANYTHING. Welcome, Mr. Klepek!

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@KaosAngel: Yeah, anyone who bought it during the Alpha essentially is in for everything that eventually comes. Be it updates, content expansions, final versions, whatever. The Beta buyers also get the 'final version', though it's been said that maybe major updates after the fact wouldn't be free for them.  I dunno. I think they're not entirely sure what might happen post-final release. Considering the game can change on a weekly basis if they want to.
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@MooseyMcMan: Hey, Shepard's been a lady for two games now. Obviously this male 'version' has been made to pander to the loud misogynist minority. Those guys are totally jerks. What next? Female Mario? Male Lara Croft?

Oh, wait, Nathan Drake...

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I don't know who that is, because everyone knows Shepard is a lady. But I guess I could recruit that guy in the third game, if he's useful. He looks like a douche.

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Man, I'd really love it if they put out another MK concept album like they did around the time of the movie and all the music was of this quality.  
For reference, this is the hilarious nonsense they're competing with:    

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@Suicidal_SNiper: Well, I was talking more in saving and whatnot, which is where the game often lags up a bit. You have to remember, you're dealing with an RPG that allows saving anywhere, including tracking up to 600 individual party members each with unique stats and movesets and whatnot, along with all the usual RPG items and progress saves. There's a LOT going on under the hood at any moment mechanically in pokemon.  Not that things like menu access should hang, I agree, but I think it gets overlooked all the things happening at any time.
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I've been humming team plasma music all day, so .... yes, I agree.  I also really like the dynamic music. Route themes are mellow when you're standing still, and a nice jaunty drum kicks in when you start moving. It's a really nice touch, reminds me of Monkey Island 2's dynamic music stuff.   
Anyway, yes. Totally loving this game. Then again, I'm not really looking for something new with Pokemon. Refinements and some new guys every two or three years and I'll happily buy that.

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@Suicidal_SNiper: Tastes are tastes. I hate playing console games on portables, so outside of Chinatown Wars I wouldn't touch a portable GTA.  As for Pokemon, saying it doesn't stress the platform is belittling how much is being done in that game at any given time. For its simple presentation layer, Pokemon is much more complex than a Final Fantasy or a Dragon Quest. Also, while D/P was a bit sluggish, Black and White moves at a much faster pace. I guess they got it together with the new engine in those games finally.
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If nothing else this generation of portable systems has kept good JRPGs flowing (and in surprisingly high numbers). For that, I'm glad. Modest presentation layer, engrossing gameplay, deep experiences writ small to keep them in a realistic budget. If i had to pick a single platform this generation, I'd pick the DS in a heartbeat. It has more games that I want to play than just about any console outside of the SNES.   
But ... as always, mileage may vary.  I'm not planning on getting either portable at launch, but I'll pick up both again because the kinds of games I like to play will continue to be too expensive to produce on consoles and will continue to find their home in a more niche market. 

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I will be amused to see the dismay when the GB guys, most of whom are pretty down on MMOs in general, go "Yeah, it's an MMO." and move on to other stuff.