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I think you're seeing shooter fatigue. And thank god for that, I say. There's been a whole generation of military shooters leading the front lines of AAA development, to almost the exclusion of many other genres, and for someone who has to play all those for review, I imagine they are ready to start asking "What makes this better than the other 20 AAA shooters we already paid for?"   When you enter the competitive market, you're held to the competitive standard.  
I don't know. Probably not the right person to be commenting, as I kind of hate FPSs all around. >_>;

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I think the problem is the time involved. You pay $50 for a tour, maybe an hour? That's an hour where at least one person, and probably more, get nothing done. WM is already pretty busy for their staffing level, I can't imagine having a bunch of people coming in and out would help that at all.

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You'd have also had to get the legendaries during giveaways. Celebi was up just the other week in gamestops. Mew was being given away months ago.  Manaphy was only in the Ranger game? And Jirachi and Deoxys giveaways were ages ago.  That's just off the top of my head. 
Getting them all is a goal for crazy people.
EDIT:  For the record, I did 'get them all' when Diamond came out. All 490 that were available in the US at that time. I had 180 hours in Diamond, and 70+ hours in both FireRed and Ruby and 50 hours in Emerald.  Catching them all is a SICKNESS.  In my defense, I was unemployed at the time.

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@LunarAura: He has his name tattooed on his chest, and on a big shiny belt buckle. And when he wins, his sunglasses break and fall off, and he pulls out MORE SUNGLASSES to wear.   
Yep, douche is in full effect. Also, he's amazing.
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@MildMolasses: But one of those characters is Stryker!  Watching Jeff tear dudes up on a future TNT with Stryker justifies his inclusion.
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The demo convinced me to get the game. Seriously awesome. Really fast, easy to understand, and reminds me of MK2 (you know, the good one).  I was kicking ass with Johnny Cage in no time. Super impressive to see the game in action. Also, it's a weird thing, but there's no load in between rounds, the person who lost just gets up and the bars refill. It's a small touch, but it makes the game feel really really intense. No break until someone is DEAD.

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The last level is literally the worst thing ever. EVER. It stops being cute and starts being ball-stompingly demanding. I'll admit I never finished it. I kept dying and got fed up and youtubed the final boss and ending.

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I would buy that Window Cleaner game.  Just sayin'.  That sounds pretty cool for like a $3 game or somesuch.

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Welcome to Pokemon. Fire Pokemon are awesome, but super rare for an elemental type (and even then good ones are even rarer, and almost entirely limited to starters and legendaries).  Save us from the deluge of water pokemon (seriously, third gen almost broke me with how many of those damn things there were), but fire pokemon?  NEVER.
I guess there's Victini, which would help if you didn't grab Tepig.

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They've said themselves that what they're going to use the wiki technology for is going to be different than the other sites, because a straight wiki for tech doesn't make a whole lot of sense.  Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be interesting, but I go to tested for the personalities, so it's a secondary concern.