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A short list of things on instant I've seen and rated highly:  Full Metal Jacket, Gojira, Jules and Jim, The Big Lebowski, The Red Shoes, Matchstick Men, Brick, Moon, Seven Samurai, Quills, Ong-Bak, The Host, The Good The Bad and The Weird, Heartbreaker, Teeth, Metropolis, Being John Malkovich, Network.   
That's enough to get you started. Diverse group, nothing too weird. 

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@JoyfullOFrockets: Zone of the Enders isn't quite Omega Boost, but it's pretty rad. It's also made by Kojima, so ... y'know.  Crazy space robots.  It's slower paced, sadly, but it has its moments. 
I also feel Rez kind of captures some of the feel of Omega Boost. But anyone who likes games should have played Rez already, so I assume you knew that.  =D
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I agree with all of these.  It's kind of jank all across the board, which is weird as there should really be no excuse for all of that. The one thing that did make the transition was the audio/visual experience. That game looks god-damn AMAZING on a big TV cranked loud. Sadly, the play doesn't quite hold up, but ... 
Hard to argue with free (for me and other PS+ subscribers).

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Maybe try the tested board? They're pretty savvy over there, being a tech site and all.  
I think you should be fine, though. It looks like there are dual channel slots. I don't know the difference between the two colors off the top of my head but your instructions should provide what you need.

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There's an indie games show called bytejacker that's part of Revision 3, and every episode features amazing chiptune music (with artists and tracks listed on the show) which have filled my library with great stuff.

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As much as I might be apathetic about Guitar Hero since Harmonix left, that's a lot of people who are probably losing their jobs today or in the near future. Hardly a cause to celebrate. We can just grimly hope (in vain) that Activision learns its lesson about 'exploiting' franchises.

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Also add Braid, Flower, Pixeljunk Eden/Shooter, Wipeout HD, Scott Pilgrim, Shatter, Costume Quest, Bionic Commando Rearmed, Pacman Championship Edition DX, After Burner Climax, Echochrome, off the top of my head. Downloadable games represent.

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Can't wait. The QL was enough to get my offbeat puzzle cravings going.

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Retronauts was one of my favorite podcasts.  Losing it was a big blow.  I was never big into visiting the 1UP site, but their staff was really great.

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I'm intrigued by this, mostly because I'm new to PC games and I haven't played any of these CRPGs.  I'd like to, but they're so old that it's hard to get into them the same way I can a modern game. I do enjoy the eastern block games, though, so maybe if a new CRPG came along I'd be able to get into it.  I like options.