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I ... I don't know if my faith in humanity has been ruined forever, or completely restored.
At least, that's what I felt at the end of the ER. Jeff's reflection on the meaning of life was really moving.

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1.  Turn down your brightness?  Don't sit for hours?  Blink?  I mean, if you work a job where you sit at a computer, it's the same thing.
2.  Proper posture in an office chair is way more possible than in a couch.  Sit up.  Back straight.  
3.  Proper posture will help this.  Google 'ergonomics'
4.  See 2, 3.

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@Tonic7: It is the worst part of the game, you'll be happy to know.  There isn't nearly as much bullshit until right at the very end, when it feels totally appropriate that you want to murder the game. 
Glad you're having fun with it.  Amazing game.  
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The first time through I thought it was nigh unbearable, but once you get down where you have to stand you can fly through it.  I've probably played through that part of the game 4 or 5 times now, and this last time I did it flawlessly my first time. Super ego boost, that one. 
Still can't do Veni Vidi Vici, though.  WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO.  Sad Veridian face. 
EDIT:  Basically, my advice is, if in doubt, check a youtube vid.  They're the best at things like that, because it's just a matter of knowing where to stand and being able to move fast/accurate enough.

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This is close enough to the return of Childrens TV Host Vinny to make this my favorite GotY video.

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Three of the coolest people. Wednesday is a banner day for GotY!

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Love the format, love the idea of picking random community lists. Can't wait to see the rest of these.  

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@sixghost: Wrex begs to differ on the choices 'not mattering'.
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@raiz265: Because then I have a box I don't want or need, I have to keep all of that documentation for whenever I need to install it in the future, and I forego having all of that automatically done for me through the steam service. I don't own a single boxed PC game out of about 200 games, and I"m not about to start.
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@Jimbo: Except that the EA store comes with its own downloader and its own problems, including less-than-stellar customer service.  No, I buy from steam because they continue to provide the best user experience. Not putting a game on there doesn't mean I'm going somewhere else, it means instead of Dragon Age 2 I play The Witcher 2, and y'know, I'm okay with that.