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When I'm just using the video player I sometimes don't notice. But I've been downloading and watching the DP endurance run on my big TV, and my brother has mistaken the video for me playing the game more than once. 

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Ryan Davis quick review:
 embargo's up: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is motherfucking awesome. We've got a Quick Look coming soon, gotta play retail MP before review.

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This is also the same year Mass Effect 2 came out.  Red Dead Redemption. Minecraft. Even something like Super Meat Boy or Bayonetta, while more niche, are incredibly entries into gaming. And that's just my own personal favorites list.   
The shooter market is oversaturated and derivative because it's the pop-culture of gaming. Go play some stuff that isn't about running around shooting dudes. Go pick up Kirby's Epic Yarn, or Civ 5, or GT5 when it comes out, or any other countless games.  Innovation exists and is happening. It's a pretty great time to be a gamer. We are spoiled for amazing choice.

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If anything I imagine EA will pick them up, considering they already do the publishing through EA Partners. Or Harmonix buys themselves and goes full on indie. Back to their roots. 

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So they're going to get Ice Cube to re-record the DK Rap?  
"D.K. Motherfuckin' Donkey Kong."

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@Legend:   I might as well ask you, since you'd know. Do you need to get A+ on the dark world levels to get the 100% achievement? It doesn't seem to be tracked on the progress screen, and it'd help ease the suffering that is my quest to get 200/200 on SMB.
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@tobygw: They stated that that was why they had to bump up the price. Each song requires an entirely new routine done by choreographers with new dance cards inserted, and all that work is a lot more than a note chart.  I dunno how many songs I'd be willing to grab at $3, but it seems like a reasonable justification for the bump.
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Hrm, I was thinking about buying a Squire anyway and trying to learn guitar with my tax rebate next year. So ... this could work out really nicely. Probably sold. Until then, pro keys are keeping me busy.

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I'm doing it, this'll be my fourth year?  I'm about 8k in already. Last year wasn't very great, but this year seems to be rocking. I'm also on a gaming hiatus until December because of it. Or trying, anyway.

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I haven't played New Vegas, but the opening of a Fallout game, before you get good guns and can pump a bunch of points into your weapons stat, is very much a battle of making progress and not getting horribly murdered.  Also, never run in guns blazing. Be careful, take your shots, use VATS liberally.  If you can separate the group enough to kill them one by one, that'll also be a big help.