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I was a big fan of the Metroid Prime 3D menu used in ... Metroid Prime 2, I know. I can't remember if it was in the first one as well. It was slick and fit in great with the UI elements in that world.

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Two of my favorite new franchises of the past decade put together?  YES PLEASE

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I continue to have my no-disc policy for PC games, so I'll wait for whatever deluxe version they put out on Steam. 

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I'm mostly amused that everyone's taking their admission that this is an evolving process that they're openly going to be working on as "OH GOD I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS SITE NOW I'M LEAVING" when calming the hell down for a few days and seeing how this shakes out in practice would be the adult thing to do.  
Oh wait, adult. That's probably the kicker here. 

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I donate to the /filmcast for their content, I'd do the same for screened or tested or giantbomb as well. Mostly for screened, mind you, but giant bomb is rad too. I wonder if this is a demographics thing. 

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Well, this probably won't do much to Atlus USA, since they are a wholly independent company from the Atlus that makes the games. They get right of first refusal on localizing Atlus Japan's titles, IIRC, but that's all. That said, I doubt it'll instantly lead to Atlus' ruin.

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@gegnre: Superstar Saga is the first of the trilogy of Mario and Luigi games. It's a self-contained game, more or less. And plays quite a bit differently than Super Mario RPG and Paper Mario.  
Densetsu no Stafy is a series of adorable platformers by Tose. Also to their credit is Super Princess Peach and The Legend of Starfy (Densetsu 4 in Japan) for the DS. Both games are very good. They do way more, but those games all have a lot in common. If you were doing DS games, I'd say just get those two.  
As for Drill Dozer, it's a GBA game by Game Freak, who normally just does Pokemon. It's a platformer based around a drill you spin clockwise and counterclockwise with the shoulder buttons. Spin through blocks, spin against them to repel off of them. It's a really amazing little game.
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All the Castlevania games should be on there. Also, if you're into importing, all the Densetsu no Stafy games. Also the lack of Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga is very distressing. I'd also recommend Drill Dozer and Wario Ware (and Wario Ware: Twisted) 
EDIT: Also, Metroid Fusion and Metroid: Zero Mission. Both are must haves.

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Sorry to see him go. I assume he'll still be kicking around the forums and whatnot, but he was a great addition to the group.

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One of the best gaming podcasts not on Giant Bomb, the Idle Thumbs podcast, talked about this in their show this week. There are studies that have shown that people who start to associate doing a task with a reward (games = achievement points) tend to not be interested in/want to do the action when there isn't a reward being offered. But people who don't have the reward (people who play games without achievements, or don't see them as desirable) will continue doing the task longer. The catch is, this behavior is true EVEN IF THE PERSON LIKES THE TASK THEY DO.
Achievements are great in that they can encourage interesting explorations of game types you weren't normally going to find/check out. But the rise of people who won't play games without achievements, or who buy bad games because they have easy achievements, is probably more of a blow to games than it is a good thing.