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WAY bigger hard drives, much faster load times, get frame rates locked down (even if it's only locked down to 30 FPS). More color would be great, too. More of a game design thing, but ... just sayin'.  Also, if I'm going to have to manage patches and updates and whatnot, expose more of the options. Either make a console or make a PC without a mouse, but this half assed middle ground is getting old.
Also acceptable:  vector displays.

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Oh, wait ..

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@nickux: Just thinking about including Killer7 makes you a great person!
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@DocHaus: I always report the 'fuck u faggot' kids for their trouble. Not only does it feel like the only satisfying response, but if enough people do it the person will learn their lesson (probably the hard way when they get kicked from live). 
Further hilarity will ensue when they eventually post to the 360 boards (or any gaming forum) about how they'll sue microsoft for kicking them, despite their clear and repeated violations of the ToS.
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@DoctorOptimist: Thank you! Time to go edit. SotN > Star Fox 64.
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97: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (originally Star Fox 64, bad at dates)
98: Pokemon Red and Blue 
99: Final Fantasy VIII 
00: Skies of Arcadia 
01:  Silent Hill 2
02: Rez
03: Prince of Persia Sands of Time
04: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
05: Killer7
06: Elite Beat Agents or Final Fantasy XII, 06 kind of sucked for games, neither of these are ones I'd fight too hard for. 
07: Portal, though Mass Effect is a close 2nd
08: Fallout 3, Mirrors Edge, and No More Heroes are all strong contenders. Probably Fallout
09: Batman: Arkham Asylum 
Game series that exist in this time that I feel bad about not putting on here: the portable Castlevanias, though SotN is the best and came out in 96; (EDIT: I'm an idiot, and SotN is apparently 97, list updated to reflect that) and the Professor Layton games, which are never the best but always awesome.

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If you're gaming seriously on a PC, you're probably running Windows 7 anyway. It's a nice operating system, well worth upgrading to. Tested agrees, if you want full on Whiskey justification.

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It's still 7 AM in Bombcast land, so I imagine that they're just rolling out of bed. I'd be if you checked back around 10-2 pacific time, you'll get what you're looking for.

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I think the name is pretty poor, but whatever. The game itself I'm hoping will be a great evolution of the first. And that cover is amazing.

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Generally any of the 'games are just games and let's have fun and not discuss what they might mean in any deeper way' people. They exist and they suck. They are the reason nongamers don't take games seriously. Sometimes the GB crew veer towards this opinion, too, btw, and it always makes me disheartened to see it. Thankfully, they make up for it by being funny and actually throwing down insight from time to time.