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Really, this is some of you guys' biggest dissapointment of the year? You must either be extremely jaded or not have seen/played or read/heard about much of anything this year.

It's definitely mine, but I got super lucky. The games I banked on were exactly what I'd hoped (games like Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Brothers, Captain Toad, Alien: Isolation, Far Cry 4, and Persona Q) and the games that turned out to be major disappointments (like Assassin's Creed or Master Chief) had no real appeal to me. The only games that were close were inFamous: Second Son (which was actually mostly neat, except that they failed to do the thing that pulled me to inFamous in the first place) and Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes (which plays better than I'd ever hoped and has a bad, mostly non-present story.) I was a little disappointed by Middle-Earth after hearing so much about it, but it's still neat, too.

But Transistor, as I said above, did nothing for me. It's passable and has some well-drawn stuff in a style I like, but the actual things being drawn have no appeal to me. And nothing about the music, story, character control, mechanics, level design, skill tree, or characters ever interested me.

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I actually haven't played the Top 4, but Mario Kart 8 is absolutely one of my favorite games of the year.

...well played.

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Jaffe's an irrelevant turd and Ryan was capable of being nice to almost anybody. I've listened to him be a stubborn old fart too many times to care what he thinks of Giant Bomb. I'm glad to know Jeff was always reserved with him because GB's affiliation with Jaffe always rubbed me the wrong way.

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I didn't finish it because I thought it was a huge bummer. Messy art design, unremarkable music, clunky, heavy gameplay, and a story I could neither relate to or find thematically interesting. Bastion's one of the best games ever made; Transistor doesn't make the cut.

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I would actually argue a few of the Persona characters are better than ever. Naoto's no longer forced to just spout exposition all the time, they're leaning into Yukiko's dark sarcasm in a great way, and Chie's not "dumbly hitting upon the right answer" like she does throughout the back of Persona 4. It's so much better than P4A, which reduced Yukiko to a cooking maniac, Chie to a dumb steak monster, and so on. It's more consistent scene-to-scene than the original game. Haven't hit the Persona 3 cast yet, but if the same love is given to the characters, this might be the best written Persona game yet.

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For some reason I recall that Bastion at some point had a limited edition vinyl soundtrack record. Am I wrong?

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The aesthetic question also comes in because the kid's super young. The nuances of aesthetic are hard to gauge without world experience. Which is why kids can like Spongebob Squarepants, basically; they're there for the comedy and not the aesthetic.

For example, when I was 12, I thought San Andreas was hella racist just because it was about gang and rap culture. I didn't have any concept of the nuances of rap culture to see what they were representing well and what they were actually being kind of racist about.

Still, this is cool and it's hard to not want to do this.

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The new Hearthstone expansion is rad. And they gave everybody a bunch of free packs and a free Arena run. It'll be a while till there's a better time to start playing.

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Barring sci-fi and comic book stuff (which both spend a lot of time not being action films) I'd be hard pressed to choose between Big Trouble in Little China and Die Hard.

Otherwise, it's Star Wars and Akira, y'all. Then maybe Nolan stuff or Death Race 2000.

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Most of my favorite games of the year made the list. I guess they missed Mini Metro, Nidhogg and Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. And I drastically preferred Mario Kart 8 to Shovel Knight, as well as it, Far Cry 4, Hearthstone, Towerfall Ascension, and P.T. to The Wolf Among Us and Shadow of Mordor. But all of those games are at least fine, so I can't really complain. It's cool to see Alien Isolation so high on the list.

I never played the full retail version of Destiny, but the beta was some of the best fun I had this year. I'll probably grab it for $30 early next year and buy the DLC alongside.