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I look forward to watching this video when I have the chance.

FEZ may be the greatest game ever made.

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I don't think my statement of "parents should pay closer attention to what their kids are doing" is really that far fetched or requires any sort of hard evidence

Ah, but it does. The comparative in your statement begs the question, "Compared to what?" And if I might reach further, your conclusion is ultimately flimsy. One incident that might very well have slipped under the parents' watch is no case that they are not paying attention to what their children do (as many a parent of small children can attest), nor is it a case for greater trends about parental inattention.

Here's the sitch, though; one detailed account claims the murder had been plotted for months. Which means one of two things:

1) These girls are sociopaths and their visible mental states were not affected by supposed stalking by a mythical creature and plotting murder of a peer.

2) Their parents are inattentive and did not properly respond to children suffering from dementia, hallucinations, or warped thinking.

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I just realized that I just don't think I like Starbreeze. I don't really like the first The Darkness very much (though I think it's really neat,) I reviled Syndicate and Brothers, and Riddick has always looked boring to me. I prefer Darkness and Riddick to their stuff since MachineGames was founded, so maybe Wolfenstein would be up my alley, but man, I just can't stand those last two games.

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So far, with the exception of Ground Zeroes, I've gone disc every time. I'd rather manage the centimeter of storage space on my bookshelf than the several gigabytes of memory on my hardware.

That said, I've had like four games that were even available at retail on PS4, Ground Zeroes included. My next one won't be for months. Maybe Wolfenstein if it doesn't go on sale on Steam? Garden Warfare if it has 4-player local multiplayer on PS4 like it does on X1? If not any of those, there's a chance I won't grab a new retail game for PS4 this year. Maybe Destiny. I'd consider Daylight, Evil Within, or Far Cry 4 if I didn't have a PC. That's just where I prefer to play those games.

Not that it matters. Towerfall and Sportsfriends will keep me busy for months.

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Thank you for recording this. It didn't affect me so, but the comments always do.

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@grantheaslip: @mooseymcman: I saw that comment from someone else first, honestly, so I can't claim ownership. And I didn't say I think they are going to create a homophobic character, I'm NERVOUS they're going to make a homophobic character. The last game's only homosexual character was a rapist-psychopath, and then his rape victim is basically just acquired as "part of your friend-crew" and the issue never comes up again. Considering the numerous race issues in Far Cry 3 detailed countless times circa the Game of the Year 2012 period, forgive me for being nervous that they might be insensitive once more.

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@marokai: I honestly prefer modern Sessler quite a bit. He's fallible, he's extremely opinionated, and he's finally interesting for more than laughs.

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My nervousness on the Far Cry 4 art has nothing to do with race relations. Everyone I saw getting mad was simply terrified he'd either be an extremely homophobic depiction of a non-heteronormative villain or an extremely xenophobic depiction of the "foreign charmer" stereotype.

Personally, the best-case-scenario I see is that he's from a K-Pop boy-band style outfit and the fashion design is basically ignored.

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As I've said elsewhere, as long as they fix the archived video player, I've got no issues subscribing. As it stands, their game capture equipment and encoder doesn't properly encode. The videos aren't even possibly in HD. The amount of artifacting and low-res video made it almost impossible for me to tell a difference between Titanfall X1 and Titanfall 360.

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Nintendo's software ISN'T great. Only their games software is great. The software operating the Wii U is abysmally slow, either due to poor optimization (a patch released in 2013 altered the load times on the main menus from about a minute to about 30 seconds, still too long) or poor hardware. The software operating the 3DS is unwieldy, limiting your easily accessible software to about 10 or 12 games without using multiple carts. The software for their online shops is continuously awful.

There's more to software than putting out games, and the OS-level software is terrible. Essentially, Nintendo can put out great games twenty times a year, but most people would probably rather play those games on consoles that function. The Wii U launched a slower console than the Xbox 360 closed the generation, and that's very uncomfortable.

I loooove Nintendo. Their releases last year made up five of my Game of the Year nominees, with three or four of those games easily fitting into my top 5. Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Super Mario 3D World are two of the best games ever made, probably my favorite Nintendo titles since Pokémon Red and Blue.

...thinking on that, yeah, I probably like both better than any Zelda game, or the Mario Galaxy games. The Galaxy games may be more innovative, but the purity of design is flawed; 3D World is an exercise in perfect level after perfect level, representing the apex of great Nintendo games.

But their software isn't great, only their games, and that's very frustrating for someone who can load up any game on the PS4 in a matter of seconds or boot PC games with zero start-up. I really do love the feel of the 3DS and the Wii U gamepad, and I love their portability, but the OS-level software is generations behind where it should be. Remember, last console generation, the 360 went through three or four different OS layouts, and we've experienced the full lifespan of the iPhone and its seven generations of OS improvements since the Wii launched. The PS4 caught up beautifully, even if the PS3 could have used redesigns along the way. Nintendo OS certainly hasn't, and it shows and weighs down the experience for me and my ability to show off how sweet the console is to others.