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I voted four because I don't pre-order games, but it's as close to a Day One as it can be otherwise. I'm waiting to find out what the deal with the review embargo's lift will be, and I wanna know whether or not the PS4 version is comparable. (Not because I'm worried by comparison to Skyrim on PS3, just because I could buy it on PC and end up a little playing less of it than I would on a TV.)

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Guarantee that it's better than the Idle Thumbs email section which somehow continually manages to have Remo rereading emails from the previous week and zero cast members going "we read this one" 80% of the time. LOVE that podcast, though.

The keys thing was boring both times but also dealt with in seconds. I missed the other one.

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I wouldn't be surprised if Icon is better than Gyrodisc, but both will definitely be better than the sucky-looking Way of Redemption.

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My favorite is Pulp Fiction, but the best is certainly Django Unchained. Jamie Foxx. I absolutely HATE Django Unchained, mind you; it fills me with violent furor towards the powers that be, and I don't like to be angry. But it's an amazing film.

Generally, I'd say he's super overrated, but he also hasn't made a film I've seen and disliked. I was really underwhelmed by Reservoir Dogs, but I'd still probably give it three stars. I haven't seen Death Proof, and that's the popular caveat, so it's possible it's no good. He's no Paul Thomas Anderson (and he'd probably agree with that statement) but he's made two or three great films. The rest are all at least fine.

In my list of working directors, I'd probably put him below folks like both popular Andersons (I'd choose Boogie Nights and The Life Aquatic,) the Coens (Inside Llewyn Davis,) Christopher Nolan (who can pick? Maybe Inception) and Terrence Malick (impossible not to choose The Tree of Life) before him. I'd need to see a couple more films by Darren Aranofsky (Black Swan) and Nicolas Winding Refn (I love Bronson, but Drive), and there are a handful of fantastic up-and-coming directors that come to mind.

That "greatest working directors" question is a lot tougher now that Hayao Miyazaki is supposedly done and guys like Martin Scorsese (picking Goodfellas, picking on Hugo and The Wolf of Wall Street) and David Fincher (his best is probably still Fight Club, and what a disappointment Gone Girl turned out to be) have fallen off.

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I feel horrible for the poor kid that D'Angelo put out Black Messiah just three months beforehand; both come from similar inspirations, and both wound up at a similar combination of jazz, funk, and hip-hop. I probably prefer Black Messiah, but only slightly. Each is one of the best albums ever recorded.

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I dunno, the games I've sold the PS4 on look more like Towerfall, Nidhogg, Sportsfriends, and the like more than the snicker-worthy inFamous Second Son or the just-fine Assassin's Creed IV. Far Cry 4 is a game none of my friends have had any interest in seeing, even by my endorsement. Alien Isolation has been a no-go. Destiny elicits laughs. I convinced a friend that Middle-Earth was a game worth checking out and played his copy, but everyone else I knew was totally embarrassed to be anywhere near such a "dumb game."

The landscape is changing, and No Man's Sky is the game which makes the PS4 a big deal console.

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I hope that they have ideas for how to update the experience. I'll love it without playing with pals, but they have to offer something fresh. I'm hopeful that the revamped band mode stuff comes to fruition.

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@rongalaxy said:

Well, I'm never buying an indie game again. Been burned too many times where I buy a game like transistor or rogue legacy full price and it ends up coming to PS plus.

It is frustrating, right? I mean, I don't mind a game like Spelunky, The Binding of Isaac, or Rogue Legacy coming over because they're near-infinite in content, and a multiplayer game like Towerfall Ascension is fine because I never wanted to not have Towerfall. Basically, you can buy those games at discounts or whatever, but they're perennial games that you might play for an entire console lifespan.

It's more troubling with a game like Transistor. If you've beat that game, you're done, and there's not necessarily a ton you can get out of having it sooner than someone else (unless you really like it and it affects the way you experience things day to day or you like it SO much you replay it many times.)

Basically, y'all, more Pix the Cat and Luftrausers, less Transistor and Strider.

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Hilariously, this is the kind of overrepresented music that led to people not playing Rock Band anymore. Anyone asking for more Foo Fighters or Avenged Sevenfold is in the extreme minority and has gotten enough.

"R U Mine" is a fine addition, I suppose. "Do I Wanna Know" probably would've been smarter for bringing back the karaoke kids.

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My list only brought bottom-games Hearthstone and Mario Kart 8.

You kids are crazy to care about Middle-Earth, Transistor, or Shovel Knight, I say.