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@little_socrates: I'm pretty sure Long Live the Queen is a 2012 game (didn't get a Steam release until 2013), but you're right in saying it is an excellent game that few people have played.

You're correct and I'm almost thankful.

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@gunstarred: It's based on the Arcade version, at least.

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Towerfall: Ascension and Mario Kart 8 for me. Oh, and Nidhogg, and maybe Sportsfriends; that main theme is super catchy.

And, uh, I love Darren Korb, but I hated the soundtrack for Transistor. It was maybe my least favorite thing about that game, and I didn't like that game at all.

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I'm asking because I played it on Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection and I think it's okay, but nothing special. Its technological impact and resulting effect on games are worthy of note, but I just didn't enjoy playing it very much. I don't think it would be drastically dated between now and its appearance in Shenmue, so those memories seem valid to me if you have them.

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Fantasy Zone is included in Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection, and I actually really like the game! But the family of snowmen that serve as the fifth level's boss is just too rude. The game controls well, but not quite well enough to make such a bullet hell interesting. I placed a save point just before the fight so that I could practice and, seriously, I haven't beat it and have been playing for nearly forty-five minutes. It's RUDE. The level itself isn't too easy, either.

Great game aesthetically, but I just don't want to play it anymore after dueling this fifth level for so long.

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I haven't heard one person mention Mini Metro that I didn't introduce to the game personally and it's easily one of the best games of the year.

Similarly, I'd guess nobody here played Long Live The Queen or Five Nights At Freddy's. Maybe that last one because it got some YouTube popularity. But seriously, those are three BRILLIANT games.

EDIT: Decided to link to the website for Mini Metro, which includes a playable in-browser demo running on Unity.

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This is how everybody handles it. Either new DLC playlists or this exact feature.

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Just should've left out the text. MGS3 managed to turn a similarly emotional moment into something very powerful by letting you simply wait until you realized you needed to interact with the game.

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To me, it seems to be the nature of the fact that they have two teams making the games, one team making the remakes and one team making the "new" games. That's why X/Y have features that won't be in OR/AS but will likely be in the next main-entry title.

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Valkyrie Profile 2 is one of the best games ever made.

Final Fantasy XII is probably still the most interesting open world game despite not really adhering to FF traditions.

Suikoden V is the best Suikoden by far.

Scarface: The World is Yours is a wonderful cocaine accumulating simulator.

DMC 3 SE is a lot better than the original.

Xenosaga 3 is pretty good and rare.

Man, I had a very incomplete list. Definitely adding Valkyrie Profile 2, FFXII, and Suikoden V.