More of a buzz kill than Buzz Killington

Sigh Magicka, why you so mean?
All I wanna do is play co-op with my friend but you won't let me.
You just keep fucking up and breaking my balls.
Making it really hard for me to like you.
I dunno if this'll work out...
Its not you, its me. Wait.... No it's just you you piece of shit

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So I tried some three sword techniques today.
It's pretty much impossible.
Holding a sword in your  mouth is not good when the sword hits something.
Vibrations felt like they shattered my teeth.
Just another point that proves how badass Roronoa Zoro is.

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I remembered I like bread.
Bread is delicious.
Fresh is the best but if its stale you can just toast it.
Win win situation.

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Ice cream

I won't lie, ice cream is pretty awesome.
Just had some mint choc chip flavoured ice cream.
It's not even that great a flavour.
But I still ate the crap out of it.
Heretofore ice cream is awesome.

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