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@ptys said:
" @Littlechipmunk:  You should watch this if you haven't seen it. It's the story of how Apple ripped off Xerox and then how Microsoft ripped off Apple. It'll give you idea of what happened to Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, although sensationalised.
I wanted to watch that movie before, I never realised until seeing the trailer that they all stole one anothers ideas.
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@FreakAche said:
" I don't know. I've been thinking lately that it might be a good idea for me to be a Mac and mess around with iPhone development in XCode. They are stupidly expensive though, and have pretty limited functionality compared to other computers. "
I didn't realise before, but iPod Touch have Bluetooth, but its locked up for most things, not that it's is that great anyway. Just another feature.. but one you can't really use?
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@xMP44x said:
" You can use programs such as Sharepod to transfer content from your iPod to your Windows PC, if I am not mistaken. If you purchased a Mac I'm sure someone has made some kind of software, but I don't know of it. Apple is an expensive company to consistently purchase products from, and I will not disagree with that. However, your iPod Touch is probably one of the cooler pieces of hardware that can be bought for a reasonable enough price. Apple is not a company I would buy many things from (in fact I've only ever owned one Apple product), but at the same time, they do what they do successfully. "
I'd never know whether to trust something like Sharepod. I'd definitely agree that its cheaper than most iPod products (and cool), mostly I love that it has wi-fi.. and the style apple has.. and that they have large storage space.
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@SethPhotopoulos: Do you know a link so I can watch it please? 
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@ThatFrood: Showing hidden files doesn't work on an iPod Touch 
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Their mac's, iPod's, iPhones, iPad's are overpriced and don't let you transfer music from anywhere to anywhere! I've got an iPod touch which is awsome .. but there's no way of transferring the music from it. Which is annoying when you leave home and are stuck at uni with none of your music on your new laptop. I do get why they do it, plagerism etc, but still mean old apple who enjoys ripping you off. 
I wanted a case for the iPod Touch but oh no that's another £25! So you get a non-apple version and it doesn't fit! 
Oh well that's life "Ces't la vie!"

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Showers are quick, bath to relax .. if I ever have time. Though you have to shower after otherwise "bathing in your own dirt".