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@milkman: Agreed, skip it unless you want to be coding C++ for the rest of your life.

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The thing about this game, is that they make everyone look like complete psychos and weirdos, no matter the the sex. I mean, just look at Micheal and Trevor...

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Well, to help boost your confidence level... it's been almost an entire year since I started driving. When I was first getting into it, I was quite terrified. Even when I received my actual license, I was clutching the steering wheel so hard my knuckles would turn white. Fast forward 3-4 months afterwards is when I started to actually feel confident. Just know, that there are some REALLY stupid drivers out there. If they can drive, you can too... 100x times better. The nervousness will go away fast.

About the actual steering though, like people have said... it basically becomes second nature. After at least 6-7 hours of practice, you'll have it down.

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Well done Patrice, you were to tough to let it get to you.

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I've never waited passed 20 minutes to find out. :L

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Max Payne 3 is something I always catch myself playing for an extreme amount of hours straight. The slow mow/diving mechanics in multiplayer opened up so many possibilities of random fun... especially when the tazers were added. Until GTA V comes out, MP3 is my main multiplayer game.

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WOO! Give it to me baby.

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This is my perfect excuse to finally get into this game. I can't damn wait!

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Shellshock 2 for $2.37. What more could you want?....