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If I received such money, I would pick up those new streetpass games that came out. Afterwards, I would need to do a bit of searching.

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Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2. I picked it up off the steam sale for $5... played it for 20 minutes and almost literally fell asleep. I've never played anything more boring in my life... ESPECIALLY the multiplayer.

Edit: Someone previously mentioned Rage, which I can most definitely agree with. I didn't last very long in that game...

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That raises another question... did they confirm you can free roam with your multiplayer character in singleplayer?

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Dead Island. Absolutely horrible...

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Max Payne 3... surprisingly, has been that game for me. I waste countless hours into that game just messing around in the multiplayer. The tazers they added have been part of the reason too. lol

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@bbqbram said:

I've been checking this thread too much. I feel like I need to hear the crew talking about Ryan to give some closure to the idea that this really happened, and I feel selfish for it.

I know exactly what you mean...

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Well written my man, well damn written. I really can't say more then whats already been said... I just hope a heaven actually exists out there...

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@peasantabuse: Even that's enough to get my hype +1! Thanks for the response dude... here's hoping there is a heist multiplayer gamemode announced in the future.

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I'm not watching that trailer just because I want to hype myself to the most extreme haha. I cannot damn wait for it to come out... I just want everything to feel extremely fresh and new once I get into it. I did the same exact thing with max payne 3, didn't watch any gameplay until the game came out... then I continued to play it for over 200 hours.

I have to ask guys... there is one thing I'm curious about... in the online tidbit, did they mention or show any online bank heist multiplayer gamemode? Maybe something like Kane and Lynch's fragile alliance, per say? If so, I will be the happiest man alive.