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Shellshock 2 for $2.37. What more could you want?....

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I remember absolutely loving this as kid.... every game start up was a whole new adventure with this damn song playing in the background.

I still love it just as much now...

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I just wish Overkill would 100% completely ripoff Kane and Lynch's fragile alliance multiplayer gamemode and put it into Payday 2. The concept of heist teammates being able to betray each other would add a lot of exciting moments... maybe it could be implemented as an optional mode or something, I don't know.

Besides that though, it is looking quite nice... I just wish there was more to it than "co-op with 4 friends like all other co-op games that allow 4 friends."

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I felt extremely horrible for getting into Vice City after playing San Andreas/GTA IV. I absolutely loved the music, theme and time period of it... but the shooting mechanics just put me off instantly. If I could just find a mod where I can control the rate of fire, I think I could get through it.

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Probably an experience no one else has shared... but in the first month of playing Kane and Lynch 2's multiplayer, I single handily betrayed all eight of heist mates, killed all 8 again when they spawned as cops, killed all the remaining NPCs, Stole all 4 million dollars and successfully escaped on the last round of the match, granting me a win/rank up. My heart has never pounded so fast in my entire life... that was the closest thing I could compare to an adrenaline rush. Good times...

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If I received such money, I would pick up those new streetpass games that came out. Afterwards, I would need to do a bit of searching.

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Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2. I picked it up off the steam sale for $5... played it for 20 minutes and almost literally fell asleep. I've never played anything more boring in my life... ESPECIALLY the multiplayer.

Edit: Someone previously mentioned Rage, which I can most definitely agree with. I didn't last very long in that game...

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That raises another question... did they confirm you can free roam with your multiplayer character in singleplayer?

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Dead Island. Absolutely horrible...

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Max Payne 3... surprisingly, has been that game for me. I waste countless hours into that game just messing around in the multiplayer. The tazers they added have been part of the reason too. lol