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Stealth. I mean... I really don't hate stealth games, but I always become bored playing one. More then 75% of the time, I won't start the game up more then 2 times. I was able to thoroughly enjoy Splinter Cell: Conviction though... for whatever reason.

I'm currently in the process in trying to get into Metal Gear Solid. I absolutely love the humor/style of the series... but I'm really not having fun with the gameplay. It makes me sad. :(

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I didn't enjoy that part either. Although, once I got to Fall... I REALLY started to enjoy the game. Once you get to Fall, expect greatness.

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@yodasdarkside: But being scared can be fun! To be honest, I always balance out games I'm currently playing. When I wasn't playing The Last of Us, I was playing animal crossing. (Especially during the initial loading time, sheesh) So you get a little bit of calm and tension in your system, letting you balance it out. The last of us isn't really "scary" either, not counting the basement part that only lasted 10 minutes or so...

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Survivor sounds like it's going to be a pain in the ass for me. I'm not much of a stealth guy...

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@espgaluda: Life is good, thanks for posting that.

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Thanks Kane and Lynch.

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This is kind of silly.

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@tourgen: the shotguns did shot well, I agree.

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I wish games took advantage of gameplay death for endings more often. For example, in Spec Ops: The Line... there was an ending where if you died, that was it. Your ending was you bleeding to death on the floor. If you survived, you received a much better ending. If the Last of Us had the same concept, IMAGINE how intense the ending would have been. Of course, surviving the onslaught of enemy soldiers would have resulted in the original ending we've received. The death ending though... I guess that's up to our imagination.

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The common loadout... until the 5th one.

Team Fortress 2 - 931 hrs

Counter-Strike: Source - 406 hours

Left 4 Dead 2 - 337 hrs

Garrysmod - 271 hrs

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