What I found out about GB during E3...and a farewell

Today I am deeply sad. As a gamer for a long time and have been following GB since the first day the site was up, I have experienced a revalation that I could've never imagined.

Let me start off by saying that all the guys who works for GB are all great guys. they're good at what they do and have worked very hard to provide us with this site. Their professionalism and intregrity for this site are unmeasurable. The guys put their heart and soul into this site to make it enjoyable for everyone who is interested in video games.

OK, now that is out of the way, let me state my point.  The main theme for my final blog at GB is the evil word : BIAS.
I never thought I would''ve ever use the words Giantbomb and Bias in the same sentence, but it has happened. i know some of you are going, "who the fuck is this guy and who does he think he is to being calling Giantbomb bias??!!!" I know people tend to go on the defense whenever something that is beloved to them is being attacked. But believe me, I am, or rather was,  one of the most devoted GB users (i know my points and rank doesn't show much of that, but I go on GB literally everday). But today, during the biggest week in the video game industry, I have realized that some guys (not naming any names) working at GB are truly biased.  And for me personally, they have lost all credibility and respect as video game journalists from me.

I don't want to make this blog any longer than it already is so im just going to cut to the chase. During today's podcast when they were disscussing about the Sony's press conference, which I thought was strong and impressive, I did not even sense an ounce of enthusiasm or excitement from any of them. The argument of stuff being leaked beforehand which is the reason why they were so unimpressed is complete bullshit. Even if they already knew half the stuff being shown off before the show, atleast acknowledge the fact that some of the stuff shown at the show was impressive, but instead they made a mockery of everything. Now the Microsoft press conference was impressive as-well. They showed off a lot of games, some good exclusives, and the Natal stuff looked interesting. But I believe Sony's Press Conference equally matched, if not exceeds, Microsoft's press conference and yet if you listen to the podcast they make it sound like it was the worst conferences at E3. I just don't get it. They are professional video game journalists but somehow listening to this podcast doesn't make me feel that way about them. 

Anyway, i know some of you will flame me for making this blog and will send me nasty PM's, but I don't really care. Once I'm done writing this blog, I will log off and never come back to this site ever again. Some of you probably won't give a shit becasue it is only one person out of thousands of users, but I feel like I need to speak out and let people know what think. Who knows, the MOD might lock this thread before it even gets more than 2 comments, but atleast I got this off my shoulder.

So...i guess I'll end this with a farewell to all and I hope you guys keep enjoying the site. But as for me, I'm gonna bounce outta here before I get cyber lynced : )

goodbye giantbomb *sob*



Happy (early) Birthday GTAIV!

This guy doesn't take shit from nobody
Its hard to believe, but GTA4 is about to turn 1 years old. The game was released on April 29, 2008, so less than two weeks from now, on April 29, 2009, GTA4 will have it's one year anniversary. GTA4 was no doubt one of the most anticipated game of all time, and have sold millions and millions of copies worldwide. It received high praises from video game critics all across the internet. And, with little controversy, it received the highest score a video game could get, a big whopping "10" at IGN and Gamespot. Not a single game released ever got a perfect "10" since The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time back in 1998.
The score set the internet ablazed with people disputing how a game could ever get a perfect score, while others argued that the score was justified and that GTA4 was the greatest game they ever played. But, despite all the disagreements and controversies, we can all agree that GTA4 was a huge success, both in sales figures (no suprise there) and in general, the overall game itself.

"What did you call me?"

For me personally, I think GTA4 is a special game. I still remember the day before the game's release like it was yesterday. How I was so excited that the only thing on my mind as I laid in bed was what's the first thing I would do once I get control of Niko. I think most of you reading this can relate to some extent, lol. Finally when I got my copies of GTA4, opening up the game box felt like I was a kid again opening up his presents on Christmas morning. After that, it was pretty much history. The disc was in my gaming console, and it was 5 straight hours of non-stop killing, beating, shooting, stealing, and just hardcore-GTA-mayhem!

My playground of destruction!

So now that the game is out for almost a year and everyone has played it, people like to look back at the game and think about whether or not GTA4 deserved the perfect score or not. My thought: does it really matter? At the end of the day, a score is nothing but just a number. GTA4 is much more than a bunch of 9's or 10's, it is about the experience the players get when he/she is driving through Liberty City while inhabiting the living and breathing world that Rockstar has brillianlty crafted where, in my opinion, no other open-world game has ever achieved. The city is as lively and fascinating as its characters in GTA4, which i find to be some of the most memorable characters in a video game. I would also like to mention that Niko is now one of my favorite video game character, next to Solid Snake of course : ).

"We gotta take over the Streets man!!"

Finally, I would like to congrat Rockstar and the Houser Brothers for creating another awesome GTA game.GTA4, in my opinion, is a true classic which deserves to be ranked among the best.
I cannot wait to see what's next, besides the DLC, in the GTA franchise. But whatever the Houser Brothers and Rockstar have up their sleeve for the next GTA installment, I have faith that they will continue the tradition of making an awesome GTA game.

Until then, I would just like to wish GTA4 an early HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!  

Now if you excuse, I have some business to take care of




man, fuck OnLive and fuck the dude who invented it!!. this motherfucker basically enter into the gaming community out of nowhere, and basically tells us to change our conventional way of gaming that we have known for the last 20+ years. i have no problem with innovation in technology, i even encourage it, but this whole thing sounds fuckin redicolous. the fact that you need to have online connection just to play a single player game at all times, considering the fact that most of us do not have reliable internet connection, the idea is fucking stupid. not to even mention about the lag, and the inevitable extinction of physical media if this thing takes off. if you ask me, this motherfuckin douche is in it for the money, and i think if his plan succeeds, it will destroy the gameing industry, rather than innovate it.