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Getting in this Jam Thread

Got into the rest of Black Hippy after loving Section.80 and hearing Control System.

Sick song, Sick rapper, Sick vid.

Bun B killed this amazing beat and outrapped Gambino on this track, which happened a lot on Royalty. (That tends to happen when you throw Bun B, RZA, and Ghostface as features on your mixtape though.)

Action Bronson is pretty killer, Can't wait to see what he does next.

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The smiths - the smiths
the queen is dead- the smiths 
ode to sunshine - delta spirit  
history from below - delta spirit
Is this it - the strokes 
room on fire - the strokes 
carnavas - silversun pickups 
oh inverted world - the shins 
wincing the night away - the shins 
chutes too narrow - the shins 
fort nightly - white rabbits 
Big echo - morning benders (fairly recent but whatever) 
talking through tin cans - morning benders 
aim and ignite - fun. 
waterloo to anywhere - dirty pretty things 
 Merriweather Post Pavilion - Animal Collective   

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@lemon360 said:
" I've seen leaked vids of what appears to be legit maps from the upcoming map pack. Overgrown included. "
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@EvGar said:
" As an owner of a mac and a PS3, I'm a little baffled. "
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Yeah, Whats up? i've been trying to log in for at least 45 mins now.

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Downpour, District, Strike and Overgrown. Please overgrown. I miss it.

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 I am currently using an ACOG'd WA2000 with scavenger and stopping power, works great.

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 at least you didn't die in the katamari quicklook. anyway,  PS3