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Speculating on this sort of thing is fruitless. Valve does what Valve does. We'll just have to wait and see.

valve usually does awesome stuff too. so let the anticipation build.

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Oh God you have made a mistake.

Ever since I broke my G11 keyboard after cleaning it I've had to use a supposedly ergonomic Microsoft keyboard. It's similar to the one you have there, but the keys are not separated and the curvature is not as accentuated - and yet, I still find it to be pretty... weird. Like, the keys are lower than where they should be. I'm pretty sure I make a lot more typos there than I do on my Macbook Pro's keyboard. It's just weird.

But maybe that's just me. If you liked it and played Dragon Age on it for hours, then keep at it I guess.

this key board does seem weird at first but once you get used to it god is it comfortable.

@CrystaljDesign: that looks really comfortable.

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Que hatred for mass effect 3 and love for FC3

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ummm sleep late, play video games, complain about how bored i am, take a nap, and reply to forum topics, anxiously await till 12/22/12 at 12:00:01 AM to make fun of all of the people who said the world was going to end.

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how the hell does mass effect 3 make someone want to go kill kids? Whatever. Those people are idiots who have never played a video game in their entire life and never plan to.

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Video Games

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Could I buy said downloadable games without Gold?

Save your money and wait for next gen or get a gaming pc.

EDIT: yes the only thing gold does is allow you to play online.

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Touch his shoulder.

this or if that doesnt work.

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Suck his dick until he dies.


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Ubisoft needs to buy Turok and jam it into far cry 3.

NOOOO you would ruin FC3 with Turok.

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@phrosnite opinions, son.
@Sooty Shall I introduce you to my little brother, who played well over a hundred hours of Skyrim on that system? Besides, in the 2011 podcasts, it was mentioned that the PS3 version did not count. While we're at it, SR3 had some issues on AMD cards if my memory serves me.

why did you bring me into this??? oh well... I never really had issues with ps3 skyrim it lagged some, and when it did it was near unplayable, but it didn't do it that often. The lag spikes didn't even last that long..............