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never seen it. Based on what ive seen and heard on the internet... I don't want to.

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Its a bunch of hairy people doing the things that hairy people do. How can it not be popular.

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I don't know about most people but I just use my TV as a monitor.

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"If you want something like a wide breadth of knowledge and understanding and a level of critical thinking that can be applied to literally anything, and a lot of friends and contacts with the same things, then stay in school, do well, join clubs, etc."

Since when does school teach critical thinking. (If anything it's inadvertently set up in order to suppress critical thinking) Critical thinking essentially equates to realizing that school is bollocks. It's what I call a critical "blind spot".

"Adults don't tell you these things to blow hot air out of their mouths."

It's funny you even had to say it.

"Yeah, I thought it sucked in high school, I think it sucks now in college, but it's worth every minute of your time and then some."

One might say that, at best, the benefit of being able to show you went to school makes up for school itself. (Which still doesn't actually justify school existing.) But personally I have a GED and I don't even know what it's for. (not to mention the fact the process of acquiring the GED makes all prior ~12 years of school redundant. Why not just teach what's on the GED? Derp.)

"If you have had bad experiences with your parents, that's tragic. However, who is going to raise every kid if their parents don't? How does it make any sort of sense in the grand scheme of things to take every child from its parents and raise them... where? Who will take care of this nation of orphans?"

Hire child-raisers. It will creates jobs and stuff. Good for the economy and stuff. Or maybe schools/teachers will raise them seeing as they will have nothing else to do once school is effectively banned. That said, if childbirth is illegal or simply regulated then it will reduce or help regulate the number of orphans.

"And then parents are required to pay the kids that they don't even see? What?"

What? The parents made the kids, why shouldn't they pay for them. Child support is a thing, so it'd be like that.

"You do realize that before the minimum age requirement existed, kids worked in factories, especially cotton mills in America, for 12 hours a day and often lost fingers, sometimes limbs? See, kids were small and could fit in tight spaces. You could get a nine year old in a cotton machine to get gunk out of it while the thing was still running. You want that back?"

There'd be like, laws to prevent that stuff. And maybe unions.

"Voting age? You're calling for schools to cut out any sort of education that doesn't directly lead to a blue collar skill, yet you also think that 12 year olds are prepared to research parties and candidates and vote?"

Why not someone to represent them? And schools don't teach anything about choosing candidates anyway so your point is moot.

"School no longer mandatory? Read above. Do you want to be an idiot who gets paid minimum wage or worse and can't pay for anything that he needs? You'll ride around in your slightly better paid buddy's clunker and live from shitty house to shitty house with no end for that life in sight. And that's if you're lucky."

People should be able to work for a living. I thought that was the whole point. Call me a socialist I guess!

"Why would you reduce criminal sentences? WHY? Shouldn't the reason for keeping morally bankrupt thieves and murderers locked up in jail for long periods time be blatantly obvious?"

Yes: revenge. That's "obvious". But criminal sentencing shouldn't be vindictive. And getting back on evildoers doesn't accomplish anything.

"Whether you believe it or not, religions of all shapes and sizes have been a massive part of where humanity has come and, frankly, it will continue to be a part of where we're going. Ignoring that religions exist is ignoring a big part of our existence."

I'm not ignoring religion, I'm just asking that parents and schools in no way indoctrinate kids into religion and not force kids to attend places of worship. This is merely protecting people's rights.

"Even if you don't believe the Bible, the Quran, Shintoism, Buddhism, or any other number of religions, their significance is part of our education. And you might still find some wise and/or beautiful words in their texts. If not transcendent, many of them are certainly a form of art."

Irrelevant to the above point. And did you say something before about blowing hot air out of one's mouth?

"EDIT: And forgot to tell you that the age limit for GB is 13! I think!"

Ok. Then make the voting age 13. That way it is GB compliant.

aaaaaaand @believer258

Oh god, I swear my IQ dropped a few points just reading all of that. Look, if you wanna be a suicidal, blue-collar, parent-hating edgy teen, then that's your deal, I just hope you never hold a place of authority or try to run for office.

yeaaa...hes not even a teen yet so don't bother arguing with him.

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ive had some turtle beach headphones since cheistmas and they sound pretty good.

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Aigis, followed by Mitsuru probably, since she had her Persona the longest out of anyone.

Whatever, I don't care how long you had your Persona, if you're just going to cast charm then you need to get the fuck out of my party.

When Mitsuru actually got around to casting useful spells, however, I found that she hit harder than anyone else with the possible exception of the MC. I had her dealing damage for most of the final boss battle.

I never had her cast anything useful lol

Mind charge combined with bufudyne dealt a ton of damage to most things.

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I plan on actually playing the Uncharted series before I receive my PS4. Would be stupid not to when I got Uncharted 3 for free from PS+.. gotta see what all the hype is around this series. After TLoU, I regret skipping out on Naughty Dog's previous stuff.

I don't get the hype around uncharted. its got pretty set pieces but that's about it.

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I did watch some of it the other night, and I have watched at least 1 episode of most of those animes. I just never mentioned it.