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the ending is just one part of ME3 so its shittyness doesnt bother me too much, but ill wait till its cheap.

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Duke Nukem Fore- wait......never mind (seriously though I would like a metroid 5.)

HL2:EP3/HL3 would be nice...... but i doubt it will come out anytime soon

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@Talis12 said:

Samsung still has the best colors imo..

My tv is a led Samsung and im inclined to agree with you. I would suggest for the op a 46 in Samsung or vizio(I perfer vizio but samsung is great too)

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i bought AC:II and didn't play it too much. dunno why i didn't i just did not play it that much.

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I don't plan to have kids for a while but i would like to someday, if I found out I was sterile right now I would probably be saddened.

EDIT: scratch that I just remembered why I dislike kids they're noisy, they can be jackasses, and they beg for EVERYTHING.

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I'll probably do what I did with the other Halo games get the single player achievements and forget the multiplayer ones, Im not paying for gold just so i can get a higher gamer score

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I 100%'d metroid fusion, but thats it........ however I wanna see someone 100% just cause 2.

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something is off about my gamer score:


it isnt in an increment of 5....

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I've never been a big fan of the TF live action, I found 1 to be bearable, 2 was a complete pile of shit and 3 seemed like an attempt at redemption from 2 but didn't go as planned.

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I'm somewhere in the middle, I like my birthday but I also have the same complaints that you do. as for others birthdays it really depends on the person and the time of year.