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@darji: your imaginary friends don't count.

how about a real person? the only things on that list worth watching are Cowboy Bebop, Darker than black, Baccano!, and Durarara, however I cant say anything about Ghost in the Shell because i havent seen it.

EDIT: *Que the hate*

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I am that person with low self esteem.

We're here for ya, VGK. ♥

I've my doubts.

you doubt your subjects!? you are no king...

You've given me reason well enough to doubt you time and time again. Hell, you've just admitted to not considering yourself one of my subjects. Does this seem worthy of trust?

I'm ruled by no king... of course I'm not your subject!

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Isn't gamestop sold out of their allotment of xbox and ps4 preorders already anyways; making it impossible for you to switch at gamestop?

I got an email from gamestop yesterday saying they still had ps4 pre-orders.

on topic: I plan to go all PC next gen.

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  • all vegan food is tax free / government subsidized / w/e
  • all parents are legally restrained from speaking to or come in physical contact with their children
  • all parents required to pay perpetuity to each kid for life
  • minimum age requirement lifted (for working)
  • voting age requirement lowered to 12 if not lower
  • homework illegal, teachers who break this get fined or jailed
  • schools reformed so that they actually prepare students rather than learning history or reading fiction
  • school no longer mandatory
  • sale of alcoholic beverages banned to those who have yet to drink. Those who did drink before the ban was implemented will receive a permit allowing them to fuel their habit. I call it Prohibition 2.0. Do the same for cigarettes.
  • prisons are reformed and there will be no more "tossing the salad"
  • length of criminal sentences drastically reduced
  • teaching religion to kids illegal as is making them enter a place of worship.
  • suicide both legalized and government-facilitated. We don't need no people jumping in front of trains.

And this is why I'm glad no one in this thread is in a position to make any changes listed here possible.

Specifically which part did you disagree with?

Do you really need to ask that?

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I would like to join! my account name is KillerKurt.7495

turkey turkey turkey

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How in the hell is this still alive. Let the guy and his bad ideas stay where they belong, which is in shame at the LoL forums. Not here.

When in the fuck did Giantbomb become the site people go to when they wanna vent because this other site didn't agree with them? At least it's not fucking GAF this time.

someones mad....

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@living4theday258: Around GB? Perhaps (you can thank the ER for that). However, there are a lot of people that preferred P3's darker atmosphere over P4's happier one. I put in 200~ hours (fuuuuuuuuuuuuck) into P4/P4G, but I can't deny the appeal of a Mitsuru or some of the other social links in P3.

If Atlus manages to take the best parts of FES, mash them with the best parts P4 and incorporate some fresh stuff of their own into P5, we'll be looking at a beautiful JRPG.

Or it could be completely ass and fall short of everyone's ridiculous expectations. I can see it going both ways, really.

it wasn't the atmosphere of persona 4 i disliked. it was repetitiveness of it:

  1. person goes missing.
  2. go rescue person.
  3. Still no idea who's doing it.

and it does that about 7 or 8 times. Unless the game changes after Naoto's dungeon I dont think ill finish persona 4

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Also off topic question. Am I the only one who liked p3 more than 4?