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The only game to really send my controller flying was Lost Planet. I hated it sooooo much. I only made it slightly into the third level before I just gave up.

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Simple. The entire western market is based on the back of big business. It's a shitty system and it makes individual people useless and companies mean everything. It's corporate facism and there is nothing you can do about it.

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@EpicSteve:  Haha I just finished reading this for the second time yesterday. Good read.
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A couple of classics:  
-Heart of Darkness 
Probably the best two books I have ever read

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Capitalism: rewards for hard work? Also sounds great and encourages multiple ideas and choice, but it leads to people getting greedy and can also lead to gaming economic systems (ie. current market crisis). 

All systems, even USSR ran or run on greed, Stalin’s purges are a great example of this. If you burn all the money and launch all the precious metals into space people will still pursue asymmetric advantage.

Absolutely but I would never call what Russia had true communism. If you want to see an example of real communism look at a the Hutterites/Amish ( etc.. it may be a theocratic communism but strangely it works for them. What Russia had was a bastardized version of communism used as a manipulation tool to keep certain people in power. It would be like saying Canada is a capitalist country. Sure we have SOME free market companies but if you go to Manitoba and you own a car you have to have car insurance and there is only one car insurance provider, the provincial government owned Autopac/Manitoba Public Insurance. That is hardly capitalism (but on the plus side Manitoba has the cheapest car insurance in Canada, so...) 
.. it is too bad this isn't simpler.. maybe Douglas Adams was right when he said "they'd all made a big mistake coming down from the trees in the first place."
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@tooPrime said:
" I only support Totalitarian governments ruled by myself.  "
Seriously though, politics are crazy complicated and I find myself liking aspects of every single ideology.  
Democracy: Giving voice to the people is a great idea, except when the people are not well educated and easily manipulated by advertising.  
Capitalism: rewards for hard work? Also sounds great and encourages multiple ideas and choice, but it leads to people getting greedy and can also lead to gaming economic systems (ie. current market crisis).  
Totalitarianism: If you have a well educated caring leader, they will be able to get things done, unopposed. Unfortunately if they are a douche they'll damage the country and spread fear and poverty.  
Communism: Everyone working together for the greater good? Nobody has to go hungry or without shelter, how can this be bad? Unfortunately there are people who will find ways to take advantage, it also limits the freedom of choice and to be done properly requires a group of people completely unexposed to corruption and greed. 
Socialism: State-owned services not worried about profit so they can offer lower prices or in some cases free services to everyone. Problem is government can be inefficient, which could raise costs, which are paid for by taxes, which then have to be increased. Also a public option will not be able to pay as competitive wages as a private one which may result in a "brain drain" reducing the number of quality employees, dropping the service quality. 
As for a political party, I usually just vote for whoever I think will be the best leader. I tend towards more liberal ideologies but I am split on more than a few arguments. I often agree with both sides of the argument. 
 Example: Gun control: I don't want people I don't know owning carrying guns in public. BUT if I do get attacked by thugs a gun to defend myself would be much more preferable than getting stabbed and mugged. 
I think the labeling of people based on the American two party system is fairly flawed. I live in Canada and we have a multi-party system, but again, it is not much better as all our leaders seem like smarmy jerks who don't want what is best for Canada or Canadians, but what is best for them or their friends. I thought it was kind of sad when I was watching the last debates and I thought the most intelligent, honest and charismatic leader was the French Separatist.
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If you are really that concerned spend the $40 and the 20 hours on heart gold. The series is starting to feel a little dated but it did spawn an entire series of clones and it is considered to be the only thing that kept Nintendo alive during the "dark years" so it is a fairly substantial part of gaming history/culture. 

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@niamahai:  Let's hope it was better than the one in Gears 2. I'm not really into snuff all that much.
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@ThePhantomnaut:  That's right it'll be Gear Wars. Brumak rush!
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@Dylabaloo:  An entire empire was built on it.