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If you like the gameplay, do it! Some people will be dicks and you'll have a bad game here or there, but if you have the time and you like them, go for it! You'll find more good people than bad (in my experience)

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Wow! This is fantastic! Thanks for making this!

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@lomo: It is one of the oldest videos on the site! Go to "Featues" go to the second last page, there it is, in all it's glory!

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@patrickklepek you made a mistake by not including this video in the body of your article:

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@mildmolasses: Everyone will die! Haha Vinny finally learned what it meant to have a Dark Soul

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I almost forgot that Bioforge was this year too! There was a lot of good content this year!

Thanks for sharing all your favourite moments everyone!

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@retrovirus: My favourite podcast was probably when Brad Muir and Jeff Green replaced Jeff and Brad and Muir PERFECTLY timed the "emails"

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@afabs515: Haha, pretty much. That was a great moment!

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What is everyone's favourite moments or clips or whatever from the last year?

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@nardak: He feels the specs won't make a difference in how the consoles sell and he doesn't think it will change the quality of games. He thinks the games are what is important. He is the journalist here and he can choose what he wishes to cover. It makes sense to me. Other people will compare the same three stats back and forth if you like, but at the end of the day if all they release is a couple of good games and a bunch of garbage you can have all the horse power in the world and it won't make a lick of difference. Yeah, sure better specs means there is the potential for better games, but it doesn't mean a console will do well or that anyone will make any good games for it or that anyone will even buy it.