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#1 Posted by ljrepoman (38 posts) -

wow after a 4 day weekend nothing.

really 1 video and a podcast after 4 days off must be nice.

If this is how it is this week the rest of the month will be frickin bleak at least Patrick works.

If it wasnt for him the sitewould be dead especially this month. Thanks Patrick.

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All Sony hs to do is say the PS4 is $399 and its over they win this round even before it starts.

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I thought I saw there was going to be a final lantern run video today. I don't see it anywhere and its missing from the coming up on Giant Bomb list. What up with that?

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They used to have lots of great quality stuff but its been lacking lately.

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i agree i love watching gaming videos but only if theres some good commentary. i cant just watch gamplay unless i'm using it as a walkthrough and im stuck in a game.

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@Toxeia said:

Fuckin' A man. , you're the kind of human being I hate most. I've got this distinct feeling that between doing a poor job of trolling and pulling your pud that you just sit on your ass and eat Cheetos all day. Here's the deal though, you've got a whopping 10 posts. Majority of those from THIS thread. The only other thread I see you in is bitching about the mobile site. That leads me to believe you are not a part of this community in any way. Granted, I've only got 40 but that's because it's hard for me to deem it constructive for me to make a post.

Well here're the solutions I can provide you with. 1: Don't use the mobile site if you want to stream videos to your phone. Turns out that thing works fine, and it's the same content on either. 2: Get bent.

Other than that, I suggest you not throw your money blindly at a website if you aren't already happy with the content they are providing you. I on the other hand will be gladly re-subbing for the year because turns out the content's great when you aren't an entitled ass-hat.

: Criticism mayhaps?

WOW . ok guys im done. for those who call me a troll read the post. I came home from work looked at the site there was one tiny news report and a video that was done friday a held up til this morning at 6am. i stated i loved all the guys and was just upset there was no new content on my favorite site.

If that makes me a troll then i guess i am. but i didnt insult you ,you insulted me . bottom line i would love to see a little more content on the site is that so much to ask?

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@Branthog said:

It's fine to complain about things, if you're paying for something. That's how people know how to improve their service. Actually, it's fine when you're not paying for it, too.

But it helps to do it in a constructive and considerate manner.

If you think Im inconsiderate you must live in a different world than the rest of us. If you weren't so sensitive it really tell you what i think but i'll hold back to consider you feelings Branthoq.

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@Akyho said:

@ljrepoman: They gave up on the App. The app your using is 2 years old. Just go to the mobile site.

i do use the mobile site .If they pulled the Giant bomb app which was good they should have removed the shittier whiskey media app. Its embarrassing

#9 Posted by ljrepoman (38 posts) -

@tadros: @tadros said:

@ljrepoman: What do you want them to do? They are basically 6 guys and a bunch of interns that work for ALL the Whiskey Media sites. There is only so much we can ask of them, especially in a video game drought. I won't be expecting anything major till at least March when Mass Effect 3 comes out. BUT! I did really love last weeks Happy Hour and Thursday Night Throwdown is always an awesome experience!

what does a drought matter .there's all kinds of stuff they do and can do none of the premium stuff involves new releases. Less new games means more time to do endurance runs and tons of other stuff they do. december and janurary had less games on the horizon but if you look at the content its dropped lately.

#10 Posted by ljrepoman (38 posts) -

what's with blocking 3g streaming and i have my3g which works on all other apps to get around this stuff but not the whiskey media app.

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