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on PSN I'm down

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Standard def is referred to as such because it was (at the time) when pixels began to matter for displays the NTSC standard pixel count for all cable and over the air TV content. It was a broadcast resolution that was applied almost everything at time. Thus it was "standard" resolution or definition. That begin said there is no reason to change what Standard is because we are actually further from a standard display resolution now than we were back then. With resolutions varying between, consoles, individual games and displays (not all "HD" Displays are created equally) 480/I is still the "Standard Definition" that all displays are held to both as a minimum and a point of comparison. Anything above 480 is something else entirely. Just let your resolution be your resolution. Why should we care what the standard is? Just semantics I know but if we "standardize" HD now, in a few years we will have the same discussion. pointless to change what "standard def" is

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Does anyone know what is to become of disc based Games for Windows live titles when they take the service down next year? I have a bunch of boxed titles (Batman Arkham Asylum, Fallout 3 Ultimate edition etc... the'r codes do not work on steam. Will I then inherit several useless discs and codes?

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Someone should make Rorie!

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I feel like this is some kind of nightmare that I can never wake up from

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It doesn't matter. I think the price will stay the same for awhile. Along with the PS4. Both Microsoft and Sony are the business of making money. Both will keep their launch prices for as long as the market supports them. I also don't think its a question of taking things away to make price drops happen. It really has to do with the fact that the tech inside of both machines will eventually become cheaper to make. that's when price drops really start to happen. Lastly, the Kinect and the hard drive are a standard design spec at this point. Microsoft will not sell xbox one's without them.

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Why would they bundle it if they want people to pay for it? It makes sense to get the early adopters pay for live right away. I also suspect that a good chunk of those who will buy it on day one are already paying for live anyway.

Great job clearing up a nonexistent rumor!

but yeah great job

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Brad and Jeff the Buddy Cops are in the case. along with Officer Davisosky. It was obviously Mister Vinny though!

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I actually like what I've heard so far of Kiefer Sutherland as Snake. I never liked any of David Hayter's performances. He would always leave me screaming at the TV yelling, "who talks like that?!" "Metal...Gear" I mean seriously. It got annoying for me by MGS2 I'm interested to what he brings to the role. He just has a more believable voice than Hayter does if that makes any sense

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I really wanted a new Freedom Fighters. I guess there's always next E3