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Games are fleeting and will be replaced by other games with different rules THE FOLLOWING YEAR. Major league sports are standardized have standardized rule sets that DO NOT change over time. There are also more overall variables in sports. The human element for one, the way each athlete moves and uses their bodies is inherently different. Thus opening the door for wider variety.

In COD there are class load outs that are better than others due to inherent quarks in the code. I don't follow MLG COD but from what I've seen the load outs and stratifies are pretty cookie cutter. Everyone uses the same strategies and guns. Not that fun to watch. There is also no mainstream audience for it outside of the hardcore MLG community. It won't last forever.

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Yes if you wait for deals you can cut costs more than you think. Also, don't buy everything right when it comes out. wait awhile and see if the game in question is worth the full price based on what the early adopters say about style, gameplay, length etc. it's kind of on you as buyer to make an educated purchase. Also regarding length I prefer a really tight 10 hour game over a bloated 20-25 hour one (ex dying light was about double the length I wanted to be).

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Gaming isn't a cheap hobby.

It can be if one is frugal about their purchasing decisions!

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With all due respect accuracy, is irrelevant when SVU already dumbs down their subject matter so that a broad audience can understand it. They also take their plots to the most extreme degree possible to shock people. Also, the gaming community is so divided regarding "gamergate" that getting to the truth on a long running police procedural drama that literally just reads headlines and runs with a story is neigh impossible. Even so the depiction is really cheesy and down right insulting to everyone involved.

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So guess it's a matter of perspective for me. I've only recently started using consoles again after playing everything exclusively on PC for the last 3 years or so and just got used to waiting for a hefty install to finish and then tearing through the game. You all raise great points and have convinced me that even though partial installs are frustrating at times they have their place and are usually beneficial. The process itself will probably get better as time goes on.

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So "installed" dying light on my PS4 this morning o the fullest extent that the system level installation would but I still got the same immersion breaking message that Vinny did.

I understand that playing a partially installed game was touted as a huge feature at the launch of the current generation but I'm finding that it gets in the way more times than it helps. I was having a pretty good time with Dying light this morning; getting a feel for it, understanding the world and the mechanics and this brings me to a dead stop. Times like these make me wish there was a way to opt out of partial installation and just get the whole thing. I would wait for it if it meant that I could keep playing straight through. Other games have done this too Battlefield 4 being the most egregious one that I can remember. I think this needs to stop or publishers need to at least give us the option to download and unpack the whole game at once if we want to instead of having to launch and play the game and then wait in game for everything to finish. Has anyone else gotten this? Where does everyone stand on the partial installation issue?

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I want a Bladerunner game with LA Noire Mechanics

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Done. Good luck!

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I think it's more about how Jeff is probably fed up with what the industry has become. Triple A games are for the most part, known quantities at this point ,and people that are like Jeff and have been covering the industry for decades can see what's coming. I think the predictable and PR driven nature of the Triple A gaming space really bums Jeff out. That's why he seems like a jaded old man those kinds of games are played and out boring to him. That's fine. I'd rather him be honest than anything else. That's a big reason I come to GB.