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No, that would be a terrible idea.

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Wait, if they don't plan on restocking the GC adapters and controllers, wouldn't that make the 8 Player Smashes almost impossible for future players?

Well, no. You can have at least four pro controllers plus a gamepad in addition to as many as 8 3DS's serving as controllers.

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@mustainium: I'm in the same boat. Really unhappy that the only way to lvl 30 is raid BS

The only level 30 content in the game is the Vault of Glass on hard. If you have no interest in doing the raid, you have no reason to worry about reaching level 30. The highest level content other than hard mode raid is all level 28.

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Do you mean policing discourse? Because that won't ever happen in nations with free speech laws. If you mean actually policing illegal activities (you know, what police actually do), then it is already happening. I don't really get the question.

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Don't forget the fact that they also both run at 1080p and 60fps. (More hot video game talking points.)

That's it, I'm done working for the day. Time to go play some Smash.

That is not true. Mario Kart is 720p (not that it matters, game still looks outstanding).

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Between digital pre-loading, day 1 amazon shipping, and crazy deals at sites like Green Man Gaming, I don't really understanding this idea that pre-ordering is someone the worst practice this industry employs. I don't know when this holier-than-thou "I never pre-order on principle" attitude cropped up, or when the gaming press decided pre-ordering is killing gaming, but I just don't get it at all.

It's convenient to know that a game I am already planning on buying will be on my doorstep day 1 or even better ready to launch on my PC or console at midnight and I'm not simply going to abandon that convenience because some people have decided to pre-ordering is bad. I'm also not going to pass up discounts like what GOG is offering for Witcher 3 pre-orders or amazing deals like GMG had for Bioshock Infinite where you essentially got a bunch of games for free just of pre-ordering.

I agree that locking away in-game content as pre-order bonuses is shitty, but there are plenty of legitimately compelling reasons to pre-order even if sometimes publishers make some unsavory attempts to entice pre-orders.

If it's the idea that people are going to be pre-buying games that turn out to be bad, who cares? In almost every case you don't pay for the game up front and you can always cancel if reviews end up being bad. Even still, if someone knows they are going to buy a game day 1, reviews be damned, what right does anyone else have to tell them they shouldn't spend their money how they want?

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I get where you're coming from, but just look at the first half of next year. Early going in a generation is always rough but things are going to be getting much better over the next six months.

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Don't be crazy.

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@corevi said:
@nightriff said:

Again, he was the best guest ever on Bombin' and I think would be a great addition to the crew if he was willing. The only time I've visited the escapist over the past year is to see what he thought of games and read his reviews. So I have no reason to visit that site anymore.

Was he only there a year?

He'd been there for like 3 years.

That's only partially correct. He's been a contributor there for a while, but that was just his weekly video series. He only joined the actual escapist staff (as reviews editor) this year.

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I though the last gen version were completely without the nemesis system. Is that not true?