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I don't think Sunshine is better than 64, but I do agree it is an underrated game. There are certainly plenty of flaws, but it does things no other Mario game does. I actually made a video several months ago examining Mario Sunshine's appeal and its place in the series, if anyone is interested in checking it out here it is:

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Well, it was Dragon Age, but I guess now that's my November game. As far as the games that still remain in October, there aren't any I'm 100% sold on yet. There are three that I am interested in, but more in a "wait to see what the reviews are like first" sense.

In order they are:

  • Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
  • Evolve
  • Assassin's Creed Unity
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Thanks for everyone who voted and made recommendations. I think I'm going to start off with Ico since its gotten a lot of votes and several endorsements, plus as many suggested it won't be as time consuming as Dragon's Dogma, Saints Row, or Sleeping Dogs.

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@soimadeanaccount: Well, considering Persona 4 Golden was released 3 and half years after the original, waiting for a re-release of Persona 5 seems insane. The wait is already unbearable, tacking on potentially several years doesn't sound too appealing.

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A lot, it's really the majority of the music I listen to. Though I don't go exclusively for game soundtracks, I am also a big fan of remixes found on sites like Dwelling of Duels and Overclocked Remix.

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I almost always want the "full experience" and never wind up using my NG+, but I admit that it's really stupid.

Same reason I usually don't wear "alternate costumes" and stuff, because their "canon" outfit is their default one.

..I'm a bit crazy.

I'm the same way. I also never use pre-order or DLC items which seem too powerful in order to preserve the intended experience.

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I don't think they would give everyone like 900 codes if they didn't want you giving them to friends.

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I think we know what this game is. It's a walking simulator + you discover stuff on randomly generated planets + you get in sweet X-wing fights or whatever because you just find random abandoned spacecraft for no reason.

But yeah, oh man, are game journalists hyping it up way too much. The game can procedurally generate planets and animals that don't look like total ass, but how interesting it will be to play as a game for more than the first couple hours is still very much an unknown.

No Man's Sky is not a walking simulator. They have specifically said it is not just Proteus in space. There are enemies and hostile creatures on planets and the game has combat mechanics.

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@yummylee said:

I know exactly what you mean, though I don't necessarily hold it too much to fault since it's primarily down to how basically all human male and female characters have the exact same physique in the ME series. Well, Vega in ME3 looked like he was especially buff when compared to the other characters. That said, it would have been appreciative if Shepard did indeed have his/her own physique, one that would be determined by what class you pick at that. Vanguard and Soldier classes like you mention would fit a Shepard that's got some muscle underneath all that N7 armour, whereas Engineers and Adepts are a little slimmer. ME3's increased sexualisation of all the characters didn't sit well me, either. Ashley's the most clear example, but Liara's increased bust size and, like you mentioned, Kaiden's much more muscular physique kinda conflicted with how I viewed those characters.

One other aspect I disliked was how your own class choice is never reflected in the games, or at least not enough where it matters. The game would go along as if Shepard is a traditional Soldier -- a charismatic soldier to be sure, but your potential tech and/or biotic abilities--from my recollection--were never acknowledged nor shown within the games.

Truth be told while I have always enjoyed role-playing my (five different) Shepards, as the series went on it felt like I was losing grasp of the character and my ability to better mold him/her as my own. In ME3 Shepard talks for him/herself for what seemed like 40% of the dialogue, and of course the even more streamlined dialogue options only hurt my ability to roleplay all the more. Then there's of course Shepard fretting about Earth via the dreams concerning the kid... which was again the game forcing the developer's own interpretation of the Shepard character on to you, without any choice in the matter. A full on Renegade Shepard in particular doesn't seem like he/she would have been having such dreams I would think....

Also, lady Barbarian is bestest Barbarian!

There are a few throwaway lines in some specific situations that acknowledge your class, but they are few and far between. A few I can think of off the top of my head is in the "Shepard Biography" portion of Liara's time capsule scene she will make mention of Shepard being a "powerful biotic" if that applies. I also believe it's mentioned that Shepard "would have been part of the ascension project if it had been around when he/she was young" if you are a biotic.

Other than these and other similar one-off mentions of your class, the game makes no mention of it. I always wished my adept Shepard would do some of the badass stuff we see Liara and Jack do in cutscenes, but all of Shepard's cutscene action is the same for every class, which sucks.

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Seems like a pretty expensive setup, but I'd imagine it will be worth it. You certainly won't have trouble maxing out modern games for a while.