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Oh nice, they've finally improved the PS4 streaming overlay. That's cool.

Well, yes and no. If the streamer has comments set to show up on screen it still streams that part out as well. It only seems better in that stream because Dan has twitch open with the comments on a separate monitor.

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i'm gonna play mgs in preparation at least until i get to the psycho mantis fight and can't figure out how to change controller ports on a ps3

It's in the "emulation menu" or whatever it's called that comes up when you hit the PS button while playing a PS1 game on PS3.

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@branthog said:

There are a lot of apologists who have been clamoring for game prices to increase, and citing inflation and how games have been the same price for decades as justification. Of course, they completely ignore things like how games just went up 20% a few years ago (games are now $60 on PC instead of $50) and how while retail prices may have stayed the same, there is now a much larger audience buying far more games and many are now doing it in digital form, which eliminates all the significant extraneous expenses of manufacturing and distribution which mitigate other rising costs. Other products - especially technological ones - tend to lower in price as adoption rates increase and cost to produce decrease. Even extremely expensive things, like movies. You don't pay $60 to own a movie or an album or a book. However, you're expected to pay $60, plus tax, plus $30 season pass, plus tax for a few hours of entertainment with a game.

I think the idea that people are paying $65 for eight hours of entertainment is absurd enough. I'm in a high income bracket with no dependents and few expenses and I find the price obscene, as it is. (Sorry, I don't care if you spent half a billion dollars on your shitty game - find a way to do it cheaper.. there is literally no game on the planet that should cost half a billion).

I hope these assholes keep icnreasing prices, DLC, pre-order bonuses, retail exlusives, microtransactions, and other money-grubbing scum activities until it finally implodes and people stop buying and playing their games and a huge chunk of the industry which treats its product and customers like cattle are bankrupt. Sometimes a forest fire is the healthiest thing for an ecosystem.

I will be shocked if $70 is not a standard price by the end of this generation. If not more.

I wouldn't expect $70 to be the standard any time soon. Publishers would much rather avoid the outcry by continuing to charge $60 and instead find more and more ways to add additional revenue on top of that for each game (DLC, microtransactions, season passes, etc.) That way they get it both ways: they avoid the massive PR hit that a price increase would bring but still get to charge potentially $70 and far beyond for a game.

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Yeah, as said by others that's the deluxe edition. Furthermore, the actual contents of the deluxe edition seem bad and worthless, consisting of a couple mounts, a unique throne for your keep, a soundtrack download, and some TBA digital goods. Not worth it in the slightest.

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I plan to make one of each, but my "main" will be a female human warlock.

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The full fledged console RPG I've been waiting for since 1998?


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You'll probably have no trouble getting through the story missions by yourself, but other aspects of the game are going to necessitate playing with others. Strikes will automatically match you with two other players, so if your concern is finding people to play with you'll be covered there. When doing open world stuff you're going to be seeing and fighting alongside other players as they are dynamically matched in, with public events popping up at random. Obviously PvP is multiplayer only, but there will be free-for-all playlists if you're wary about joining matchmaking without a party. The only aspect of the game you'll be unable to engage in without a party are the raids, but that's end game content that is likely not going to be seen by everyone anyway.

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@invader_doomest said:

@sharkethic: I had fun with it when I played the Alpha, then I played the beta and got a little worried I didn't see much else. Then the moon opened up for that one day and though I like the change in scenery, it still wasn't showing me anything new. Then I heard about no Matchmaking and now I kind of wish I hadn't pre-ordered it. Destiny is starting to look like a disappointment before it even comes out.

Destiny absolutely has matchmaking. For competitive multiplayer and strikes (co-op missions) you have to matchmake if you don't have a full party. Only raids (end game co-op missions) don't allow matchmaking.

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I enjoyed watching both of them one episode at a time, as I originally viewed them as they went up on the site. It may be a bit hard to watch the same gameplay twice in a row, but each run brings its own hilarity and is worth seeing. They do start out being pretty similar, but eventually, Brad's terrible game-playing skills puts them pretty far behind Vinny.

Hey man, BR were ahead until the run was impeded by a couple crashes that lost some progress and sent them on an extended side questing kick! Let's not blame this one entirely on Brad. Though he was indeed rather terrible at fighting those wall ladies, while Vinny pretty quickly learned how to dispatch them rather efficiently.

The final death count was like 20 for Brad and 4 for Vinny, BR was never going to finish first.

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So basically, you have a very poor understanding of these types of games and don't enjoy them, so you think they should go away? Have you considered maybe not buying them and instead playing other games? I don't know where you're getting this idea that rogue-likes are the most prominent and popular games in the industry, but it's simply not true. There have been a handful of games with rogue-like elements that have become popular in recent years, but it's nothing more than a small subset of indie games. If you want to play action games or strategy games or city builders or RPGs, play those instead. Apart from city builders those genres each outnumber rogue-likes by a huge margin.