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Here's a hint concerning Polygon: Arthur Gies. (Yes that is a joke article but having someone with such a record as your review editor isn't good for the credibility of your website). Also they don't seem to have a quite so big community if you watch the latest replies on the recent threads: Not a wasteland, not buzzing either.

Yeah, I was sort of surprised to see that some of the sites that have a lot more traffic than Giant Bomb, Polygon and Gamespot, seem to lag behind in terms of community interaction. The forums over on Polygon are dead and they really aren't all that active over on Gamespot either.

System Wars is where all of Gamespot's forum activity is. Also, every time they post a news story with any sort of console war slant (be it sales numbers, resolution bullshit, or anything about an exclusive game) there's pretty much guaranteed to be a minimum of 1500 comments on the article, the majority of which is complete and utter trash. There is certainly a lot of individuals contributing on that site, it's just that most of the discourse is awful.

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Pretty good analysis of Persona, Dragon Age, and Mass Effect, but an examination of a wider variety of examples may have helped as well.

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How do you do that? What about the downloaded full games and the apps that I have downloaded? And the gamertag on the console?

All you have to do is sign in with your gamertag on your new console. Anything you've purchased you can simply download again without having to buy it again. Cloud saves will be automatically downloaded to your new machine when you sign in.

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Cloud saves are your friend.

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I would definitely suggest the Mass Effect trilogy. There's certainly side content, but the story is the main focus and definitely pulls at you to keep going with it. The action is fairly straightforward and easy to follow, and most importantly the focus is on narrative. Tons of dialogue and characters to get to know, which would be just as compelling for a spectator as it is for the player. Another bonus is that your wife can give input on decisions and be more than just an observer. You can get all 3 games for $30 on Amazon or buy each individually for ~$15 a piece.


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If you have one of those dumb Sony Smart TVs you can use the remote for that to control your PS3 and I would assume your PS4. That's a solution, right?

That's probably not the case. I have the PS3 bluetooth remote and that doesn't work on the PS4 for some dumb reason.

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I don't know, but as I am playing through L.A. Noire now, I think it has some high qualities to it, but despite other Rockstar games lack of quality in certain areas here and there, I think L.A. Noire is the one that needs the most refining in a few key areas, and I would love to see a superior sequel to it. It sounds weird, but I just feel like there's already something great there with the original, but it could be done even better, and I'd love to see that, while with other games, they have flaws, but they're about as good as they could get for what they're trying to do in my opinion (especially Red Dead Redemption). That being said, they didn't develop the first L.A. Noire, so in a sense, they'd be taking the reigns with a sequel. I also wouldn't mind them using that mocap they used, but apply it to the whole body as they have said, instead of just the face.

I like LA Noire, but I for one am really glad that facial capture technology didn't take off. It was impressive, but it just had a weird look. I think the facial animations in games like Infamous Second Son and The Last of Us, while maybe not quite as detailed and nuanced, look way better.

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Oh nice, they've finally improved the PS4 streaming overlay. That's cool.

Well, yes and no. If the streamer has comments set to show up on screen it still streams that part out as well. It only seems better in that stream because Dan has twitch open with the comments on a separate monitor.

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i'm gonna play mgs in preparation at least until i get to the psycho mantis fight and can't figure out how to change controller ports on a ps3

It's in the "emulation menu" or whatever it's called that comes up when you hit the PS button while playing a PS1 game on PS3.

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There are a lot of apologists who have been clamoring for game prices to increase, and citing inflation and how games have been the same price for decades as justification. Of course, they completely ignore things like how games just went up 20% a few years ago (games are now $60 on PC instead of $50) and how while retail prices may have stayed the same, there is now a much larger audience buying far more games and many are now doing it in digital form, which eliminates all the significant extraneous expenses of manufacturing and distribution which mitigate other rising costs. Other products - especially technological ones - tend to lower in price as adoption rates increase and cost to produce decrease. Even extremely expensive things, like movies. You don't pay $60 to own a movie or an album or a book. However, you're expected to pay $60, plus tax, plus $30 season pass, plus tax for a few hours of entertainment with a game.

I think the idea that people are paying $65 for eight hours of entertainment is absurd enough. I'm in a high income bracket with no dependents and few expenses and I find the price obscene, as it is. (Sorry, I don't care if you spent half a billion dollars on your shitty game - find a way to do it cheaper.. there is literally no game on the planet that should cost half a billion).

I hope these assholes keep icnreasing prices, DLC, pre-order bonuses, retail exlusives, microtransactions, and other money-grubbing scum activities until it finally implodes and people stop buying and playing their games and a huge chunk of the industry which treats its product and customers like cattle are bankrupt. Sometimes a forest fire is the healthiest thing for an ecosystem.

I will be shocked if $70 is not a standard price by the end of this generation. If not more.

I wouldn't expect $70 to be the standard any time soon. Publishers would much rather avoid the outcry by continuing to charge $60 and instead find more and more ways to add additional revenue on top of that for each game (DLC, microtransactions, season passes, etc.) That way they get it both ways: they avoid the massive PR hit that a price increase would bring but still get to charge potentially $70 and far beyond for a game.