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I think it's funny how everyone who is for keeping supers always mentions that it makes things "fun" or "interesting". My guess is these are casual players who grew up in this modern era of gimmicks in multiplayer games to give them flare.

None of these people say speak to the competitiveness supers either provide or take away. I guarantee of mlg ran this game, they would request a super free, radar free, and possibly heavy free game mode, just like they have to do in just about every game released these days because the inherent design is not competitive, even if it's more fun to the casual player.

I come from an era of gaming were you had your primary, maybe grenades, and that was it. It's was gun on gun, tactics on tactics. Games like unreal, quake, counter strike, day of defeat, halo 1. Games where tactics trumped all. This is why I dumped CoD after MWF 1. They added to many gimmicks that allowed bad casual players to get kills on competitive good players.

Kill streaks, supers, heavies, etc. don't make the game more fun for me they make it less fun. It's not fun to die to something that took no skill or tactics to use and which I had no way of avoiding. It's nothing but mercy kills every 3min or w/e so bad players can at least have a fighting chance of getting some kills.

I most definitely will not play crucible anymore other than for bounties until they provide a mode without these gimmicks and give me a real competitive shooter.

P.S. Why is the infatuation with all multiplayer games becoming these fast paced cocaine infused chicken fights? Why does every dev now want to make games where it's people sprinting and hoping all over a map at light speed. Whatever happened to making slow games that required intellect and tactics instead of a fast internet connection an ability to play on max controller sensitivity. This is why I do t play FPS shooters multiplayer anymore. They've all followed the same trend, speed the game up, add gimmicks, the kids will like it. Well I don't. I'll be on my PC playing MOB, MMO's, RTS, and other games that actually require a brain to be good at, not just a twitchy thumb.

If you don't like the type of game that Destiny is, you're free to play something else. However, it's silly to suggest Destiny should be more like the kinds of games you like for no reason other than you don't like what it is.

I also strongly disagree with the idea that supers "take no skill" and reward only bad players. Many supers have a counter, and the ones that don't have tells to allow you to avoid them. Still, you're right that they are sometimes unavoidable, but like all aspects of the game good players will always win out. A bad player may nova bomb or fist of havok in a 1 on 1 situation and get a single kill, whereas a good player will use their super to get big multikills, shut down enemy supers, or deny heavy ammo or capture points. Anyone that has played Trials of Osiris knows that supers are anything but free kill buttons, skillful super usage is an important part of being a good player. Super are a key part of Destiny and give it its own flavor compared to other multiplayer shooters. You're free to play something more suited to your tastes, but let Destiny be Destiny.

This thread is 8 months old and you're a 1 post account that will probably never see this response, but whatever.

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@jrm said:

@nickhead: That's kind of a weak argument. There are plenty of examples of random matchmaking working extremely well. Simply having a lower level, lower reward version of a raid designed to introduce less experienced players to the encounter would be simple and effective way to get people up to speed on what to expect.

I also don't get why some folks rail against the very thought of matchmaking in Destiny. No one will be taking away your ability to form premade groups to tackle content. The folks that currently do that yet still scream the loudest against matchmaking seem to either forget that fact or just want to be petty and not allow someone else an alternative way to group.

I am one of those people staunchly against matchmaking for raids in Destiny, but that does not mean I don't want everyone to be able to see this content. Bungie has absolutely and unequivocally failed by not including an in-game means of allowing players to group up for end game content, and it is unacceptable that this issue hasn't been addressed in the 8 months since the game's release.

However, matchmaking as it exists in the rest of the game would not be a good fit for raids or prison of elders. The game need some sort of semi-automated LFG system that would allow you to set some search parameters to at least somewhat cater your experience and increase the chances of putting together groups that have a chance of succeeding. It wouldn't have to be too complicated, but allowing you to check a box that meant you'd only get matched with people that had microphones, or people that weren't underleved (in other areas of the game you can matchmake being as many as 3 levels under the content), or to ensure you didn't end up in a game with 6 hunters, or that you wanted people with some prior raid experience (or no raid experience if you wanted a blind first time run). LFG sites have a decent success rate because they allow you to pre-screen your teammates to some extent and choose who you want to go in with, and bringing that into an in-game grouping system would be a much better way to implement it than standard matchmaking.

So yeah, I think Bungie really needs to introduce a way for those without a regular group to find people to play end game content with, but they need to create a system that is better suited to the content than just a random matchmaking system. I know a lot people that call for matchmaking haven't done a raid before so they don't really know what that they're asking for, but the truth is the chances of success with a team chosen by a completely random matchmaking system would be incredibly low. Instead of continuously asking for matchmaking, demand Bungie create a system designed specifically for raids that would allow everyone to play them with a much higher chance of having a good experience.

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All of those changes sound absolutely fantastic. Too bad I played through the game three times and got the platinum like two months ago. Don't have much desire to play through a fourth time with the game's lack of build and playstyle variety.

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In terms of power this generation is actually a pretty huge leap over the previous one, it's just that we're really starting to get to the point of diminishing returns where it takes a lot more horsepower to see even minor noticeable improvements in visuals.

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@hestilllives19: @tyrrael:It's like you aren't actually reading what myself and some others in here are saying. The three people in this thread that have said they are against matchmaking for raids have all said we want Bungie to introduce a grouping system for raids. I want you and others like you to be able to raid. I want everyone that plays Destiny to be able to raid and I want Bungie to address the current system that prevents a large majority of people from raiding.

You need to stop getting caught up on the term matchmaking, because it's not the only way achieve the result you're looking for. Why does it distress you so much that I'm advocating for Bungie to come up with a better means of allowing solo players to join raids than just the standard matchmaking that's in the game? The personal attacks don't help either. Calling someone "as wrong as they could possibly be" just for disagreeing with you (about a subject you have admitted you have no experience with) is rude and counter to having a legitimate discussion.

The thing that is actually really starting to annoy me though is that we don't actually disagree with you as much as you believe, yet you act as if we are 100% against you on every single point. You've taken this hostile approach because we are against matchmaking, but I genuinely want Bungie to implement some means of allowing people to group up for raids. Just because I want them to do it right and I don't think matchmaking specifically is the best solution DOES NOT mean I don't want you and others like you to be able to raid.

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Who is "you?" You seem to be responding to someone specific, but it's not really clear exactly who. The game won multiple game of the year awards, has great reviews pretty much across the board, and was generally seen a great bounce back for the series after DA II by most fans. I don't know really understand this thread at all.

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@brendan said:

@ll_exile_ll: I don't know how bad your luck is but before I took a short break I was running through Crota once a week on Normal and Hard for 2 months and there was maybe two times when I didn't get through either relatively quickly with a group. I have to disagree with your stance. There is nothing that Bungie will make that won't eventually be relatively easy for a group of random to complete together. I've seen random groups do raids in their sleep for weeks.

LFG allows you to choose your group though. Matchmaking would just throw you in with random people. People with no mic, people that have zero raid experience, people that go AFK, people that straight up quit, six year old kids, etc. LFG at least gives you some means to avoid those issues. I feel like I've said it a million times in this thread, but I am completely in favor of Bungie implementing an in-game way to group up with strangers for raids, but I don't think the matchmaking system they use for strikes would be a good fit for raids because the chances for bad experiences would be much too high.

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I fail to see why Destiny can't have matchmaking for raids.

Add an easy mode for the raid so players can learn, easy must be completed before attempting normal.

Only a team of three can matchmake to find another team of three to pair up with.

Before the start have a minute cooldown so players can sound each other out.

No matchmaking for hard mode.

I would be in favor of something along these lines. Despite what some posters in this thread think, I am a proponent of an in-game way to group up for raids, I just don't think a completely random matchmaking system would be the best way to go about it.

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Please don't put words in my mouth. I never said matchmaking for weekly heroics was a bad idea and I certainly NEVER said you or anyone else was dumb for wanting matchmaking in raids. I was merely using the weekly heroics as an example. The fact that there are players even in such a simple, easy, and mindless activity as a heroic strike that can't manage basic teamwork and situational awareness with random matchmade teammates doesn't give me much confidence that a group of random matchmade players would have a very good time in a raid.

Like I said, I understand and sympathize with those that want matchmaking for raids because they otherwise can't do them, but again, matchmaking is not the answer. Someone matchmaking into a raid with no microphone and zero prior raid experience would more than likely ruin the experience for everyone else. I understand you haven't done raids before, but they aren't like strikes. Communication and teamwork are essential, and one bad teammate can be a huge burden for inexperienced groups. The chances of getting one person out of six that doesn't have a mic or doesn't work well with others is fairly high when you're relying on the random chance of matchmaking.

Again, I am all in favor of more ways within the game to group up for end game activities, but matchmaking would be bad. Bungie needs to implement some kind of grouping feature that gives players at least some way to choose who they join up with. A way to see a player's class and gear, a way to see their name (So you can avoid things like xX420BLUNTSM0KERXx), a way to see whether or not they have a microphone. Being able to see these things before you get randomly tossed in front of the Vault of Glass would certainly help in putting together a better experience for all involved.

To be clear, I'm NOT CALLING YOU DUMB, but the fact that you yourself admit you haven't done a raid shows you don't really know what you're asking for. I'm not advocating for less efficiency, I just think Bungie needs to be careful with how they implement a grouping feature for raids. Just taking the existing matchmaking infrastructure and slapping it onto raids is not the best way to do it, and clearly they know this since they would have done it by now otherwise. It may be something a vocal group of people wants, but just because people want it doesn't mean it's the best thing for the game and its players.

Bungie has made tons of mistakes with Destiny, and having no grouping options for raids is among them, but not caving to pressure and just bolting matchmaking onto raids has and continues to be a good decision.