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Honestly with little idea of what's to come in terms of further balance and subclasses, and little idea of how some of these deeper skills will work, you should probably just abide by the classic RPG adage of picking whichever one you think looks the coolest.

So Hunter.

Also some stuff on Sunsinger...

Sunsinger is a level 15 subclass in Destiny used by Warlocks. Sunsinger's super ability, Radiance, will revive fallen Guardians and boost the effectiveness of all of your and your allies' abilities. Sunsinger has been described as a team-oriented, support-based focus that includes some area-control abilities that allow players to block pathways or doors and keep enemies from getting close.

Sounds useful but not very Warlock'ish.

Makes sense to me. The warlock is the mage class, and mage classes typically spec towards either elemental DPS or healer/support. Sunslinger is a healer.

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I would say I like Ratchet and Clank just slightly more than Uncharted, but I like The Last of Us far more than anything else made by either of these developers.

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If I'm really into the game I usually get through them pretty quick. With RPGs if I'm not compelled to play 6-8 hours a day I consider the game is a disappointment.

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I wonder if these are baby steps to both consoles basically being able to output the same quality games.

Bungie said the recent Xbox One update (which freed up some of the system resources being hogged by kinect) allowed them to close the gap between the two versions, so it seems likely more developers will also be able to make similar strides in the near future. The fact that this was a recent development is also why the Xbox One beta will still be 720p.

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I got a 12, but I feel like I could have gotten a perfect score if I had taken more time to closely examine every tile.

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You're best bet would be to use a capture device to simply record your screen. DVR boxes are most assuredly HDCP compliant, so you'd either have to bypass that (which isn't strictly legal) or get a component capture device like the HDPVR. With a capture device it'd be as simple as starting a recording and then playing the video you want to transfer. You won't actually be transferring it, but the end result is the same: a video file on your computer.

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They are not an official distributor of Steam keys (unlike others sites such as Green Man Gaming or Humble Bundle), so you don't necessarily know where the keys are coming from. Situations like the Sniper Elite stolen key debacle are much more likely when the distributor is getting steam keys from unofficial sources.

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I find that this is less of a problem and more a big point in the game's favor. I went with Warlock in the alpha and was really digging the nova bomb. In the beta I've made both a hunter and a titan and like both of those as well, though on some of the smaller maps I find myself feeling like I'd prefer one of AOE supers instead of the golden gun.

Still, the fact that each class has these two subclasses (plus apparently one more which they haven't revealed yet) and you can have three active characters on your account is a great indication that there is going to be a lot of room for experimentation and variety in fireteam makeups. I can certainly envision a scenario where a 6 man raid squad would consists of 6 completely different subclasses, each filling a unique role in the squad.

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This doesn't seem like a very productive way of getting an answer to your question. I've often found that the key to getting a timely and helpful answer is usually to actually ask a question.

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By the 3/4 mark of 3 you will want to abandon your foolish quest. Turn back, only despair and bad writing lie ahead.

Well, to be fair the apeal of those games is in the action and spectacle rather than the writing and plot.

However I do agree that this endeavor will likely to start to feel like a bad idea a few games in. I do enjoy the God of War games, but they are all pretty much identical in terms of gameplay and design with very little of any substance added in each sequel beyond improved visuals and presentation. Playing all six games in a row is basically 60 hours of hitting square, square, triangle nonstop.