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Yeah, they should at least give you one free game to just try it out. If it works well and more people experience that it works well, it will only gain it more buzz.

The closed beta had a couple games available for free, Jimmy Johnson's Anything With an Engine and some dual joystick shooter that's name is escaping me.

I have a good connection and it worked very well. The shooter was even 60fps, which was pretty impressive. The input delay was no more than you'd get on a plasma screen (I was playing on a low latency monitor) and the image quality was decent (though certainly with some video compression). Overall I was pretty impressed with it, but the fucking awful pricing model kind of kills any interest I might have had in actually using it.

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New Teaser. Amusing?. What is he drawing, and I guess that girl is trying to recruit you, right?.

Also, with these teasers coming out right about now, I bet they're going to announce this game at Gamescom, for next Fall I bet.

I am certainly intrigued by this whole thing, and the prospect of an in-depth RPG outside of the typical future sc-fi or medieval fantasy setting is certainly appealing. Still, if the rumors about it being a free to play MMO are true I hope it avoids all the bullshit that makes MMOs a chore to play.

On a side note, why the fuck does IGN feel the need to watermark every single video they post? It's one thing to do it for their original content (podcasts, reviews, etc), but for a trailer that they're simply re-uploading from another source, dumb and obnoxious.

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Last generation Japan accounted for less than 10% of all console sales and between the three consoles (360, PS3, Wii) it was the most successful console generation of all time. Japan isn't super important sales wise, and while it's more important creatively, I don't think declining console sales will necessarily mean all the Japanese devs will shift away from them too. It's not like we've seen developers like Platinum, Kojima Productions, or From Software moving to mobile or handheld, they're still making AAA console games.

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Everyone should play this game, it's fucking great. One of my top 5 games the year it came out.

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The Walking Dead: Heavily story driven with a presentation style resembling a television show. Gameplay involves sporadic puzzle solving, short action sequences mostly involving quick time events, and the main gameplay mechanic of dialogue choices and decision making. Has a great story and a bonus of allowing the spectator to engage in the main mechanic by sharing decision making with you.

The Wolf Among Us: Also made by Telltale, so very similar to the Walking Dead in most respects, though with fewer puzzle sequences and shorter episodes. A fantastic setting and an engaging fairytale crime noir story.

Uncharted series: Over the top romp with quick, snappy dialogue and likable characters. Some of the combat can drag at times, but you can get through it pretty quick on the easiest setting.

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West: Somewhat similar in gameplay style to Uncharted, but entirely different in tone. Features two excellent main characters with a nuanced and believable relationship that evolves as the game progresses. Incredibly well acted, starring the great Andy Serkis in both voice and mocap.

Quantic Dream's PS3 games (Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain): Not for everyone and certainly not without their issues, but David Cage's obvious desire to be a filmmaker makes his games uniquely suited to being watched instead of played.

Those are some off the top of my head, hope it helps.

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I think of it as a style of music rather than music that is from a specific time period or of a certain age. Basically classic rock is a genre, not a measurement of time. Not all rock from the 60s and 70s is classic rock and just because something is new doesn't mean it can't be classified as classic rock if it fits with the sound and stylings of classic rock.

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@mb said:

Is chat just not finished yet? Anyone know what's going on with that?

Voice chat only works in fireteams. You can always chat with everyone in your squad, but never with random matchmade people. So, if you go into competitive matchmaking with a full party of 6 you will be able to chat with your entire team, if you go in solo you won't be able to chat with anyone. In the case of things like matchmaking strikes, if you want to talk with the people you're matched with you have to invite them to your fireteam.

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@zeik said:

@ll_exile_ll: If you watch that recent IGN video where they talk about raids they explicitly state those roles do not exist and will not be required for raids. There are specs that let you function in similar ways to those roles, but assuming they are telling the truth you should never have to search out a Defender Titan or Sunsinger Warlock.

They said they aren't designed around the healer, tank, DPS trinity, since everyone will have guns and be dealing damage, but it is made clear that everyone will have a role to play. They've made a big point that these raids are going to be incredibly difficult, so it stands to reason party makeup and role distribution is still going to be a factor. It's hard to know to what extent that stuff will matter without have played these missions yet, but I think assuming it won't matter at all is a bit premature, and you'd have to imagine having some support oriented classes would be important.

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If only we were all part of some sort of video game oriented community where we could easily find like minded individuals to play with... oh, wait.

Seriously, if the prospect of playing for an hour with randoms and having one or two quit and force an entire restart is something that sounds appealing then maybe I can understand why someone would be upset at the lack of matchmaking, otherwise I think it's totally better off without it.

@zeik said:

(GB seems to be eating up my posts a lot today.)

I've heard plenty of people claim over the years in various MMOs say the exact same thing, and I've never found it to be true. If everyone knows what they're doing in advance then I've never found mid-battle communication a necessity. More often than not it simply provides a means for people to yell at eachother if something goes wrong.

And frankly, I really can't imagine any scenario in Destiny that would require more intricate strategies than your average MMO. There's no holy trinity and every class is pretty much self-sufficient. There will be no relying on tanks or healers to do their part to keep the team alive, there's no CC or debuffs, and I can't imagine they will have random events that wouldn't be able to prepare for in advance. I'm relatively certain it will largely come down to individual players playing well more than anything else.

There is absolutely the concept of healing and buffing. Each class has a support oriented subclass that will no doubt become vital in raids.

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Isn't this the same guy that was asking whether or not he should hide his collection of hentai games? I recognize the infuriating sentence structure.