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I was trying to place where my enjoyment from this game was coming from for a while, then it just clicked. I managed to use my Titan to secure my escape to the evacuation ship, but not by shooting, or riding, no, I fucking dropped that bitch on top of one of the two Titan's guarding, successfully destroying it and opening up room for me to make it.

The complete chaos. So good.

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Clearly Call E is best waifu. All other choices are wrong.

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Word of warning, I've picked up soldering for PCB work, such as working on dual modding arcade sticks and working on small projects, never done anything with jewelry so not sure if it has any special requirements.

Now that the warning is out of the way, do her a favor and unless you have no other choice, do not buy a radioshack/source 'iron, it's really not great. I've recently upgraded mine to a Weller WES51 and it's made the job of soldering a joy, heats up fast, replaceable tips, and a wide range of temperatures, I mean, sure, the Radioshack one worked but man did it drive me nuts, just tinning the tip made me want to kill myself. Not sure how much you want to spend though, but I was happy with the $125CAD I spent on it, another choice in the same price range would be the Hakko FX-888D from what I've heard, I think it's about $15ish cheaper? Either way, loving the purchase.

Saying that though, there's some good cheap 30w Pen Soldering Iron's out there which are fine for small electronics (Xytronic has a good 30w adjustable heat one that's around $20-30 and might be a good place to start, and upgrade later if needed).

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screw it i'm buying metroplex

Damn right! I'm saving up for a house and I still buy Master Grade Transformers, and those sucker's are easily $100+ a pop.

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Makes me super jealous of the duders miniature painting skills. I've only recently gotten into Warmachines and turns out I can't paint worth shiiiiiiit!

Props on the works!

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I'm using an i7 920, 12GB DDR3 RAM, GTX780, 2560x1440x110hz display, and as long as I turn textures down from Ultra to Very High it seems to be running pretty smooth, a few hiccups here and there but nothing major.

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The different versions of characters sounds a lot like what Melty Blood did, and I'm absolutely pumped for it. P4A was an absolute blast, and easily one of the easiest Arc Systems Work game to get into, can't wait to dive in and remember how terrible I am at fighting games!

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It mentions buying Windows 8, which honestly speaking, I don't see a reason to get yet. I would just say grab Windows 7 unless 8 has some feature that you just gotta have.

Because almost all retail stores charge the same price for both Windows 7 + 8, since Windows 8 is faster, more stable, has more features, and is more secure than Windows 7, why would you get anything else? The only two real complaints are that some people prefer the start menu to the new layout - something that is easily fixed with a free download- or that the new layout is confusing - again, something that can be fixed with a free download, even though it only takes five minutes to learn properly. Hell, when you install Windows 8 there is a video showing you how to use the new layout properly.

But yet there has been reports of games not working with Windows 8 that work with Windows 7. I have nothing against the change of the UI, and I know that Windows 8 is running off the same infrastructure as 7, but I always have a hard time recommending someone to be an "early" (subjectively that is) adopter of an OS.

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I've had nothing but problems with drivers for the last, dunno, 6 years with AMD, crashing, everything from crashing, to game support, to having to brute force the drivers onto my PC as they wouldn't even install! Mind you, not everyone has these problems, but they do exist. The cards are typically high quality, and at a great price point, but frankly I'm done with dealing with that jank that comes with it, switched over to the nVidia 780 when it came out and never looked back.

Quickly looking through that guide the things that come to mind;

You'll only need a 3rd party CPU cooler if you overclock, and even then depending on how high of a overclock you're aiming for you might not even need one. If you plan to run at stock speeds you can save a few bucks by completely ignoring this, or if it's something you want to dabble in see what temps you get when overclocking on stock cooler, if you decide you want to push further you can grab one then (and depending on what case you get you might have access to the back of the mobo without even taking anything out).

Also, I can't stress this enough, that guide mentions you would be able to hit 4.0-4.2ghz on that chip, that is in no way guaranteed. You might end up with a god tier chip that overclocks with low voltages and is a godsend, or you might end up with one that requires you to bump the voltages through the roof for a small gain. Personally I love overclocking, it's a blast to do, but understand not every chip is made equal.

It mentions buying Windows 8, which honestly speaking, I don't see a reason to get yet. I would just say grab Windows 7 unless 8 has some feature that you just gotta have.

But otherwise you're looking at what you need, could tweak it a bit in either direction of that price point depending on what you want to do (ie. You don't need a SSD, they're nice, but still fairly pricey, it's a straight up luxury item).

Personally, a sound card or a dac/amp (which I prefer) make a difference even on lower quality gear, and can be grabbed on the cheap. On board isn't as bad as it use to be, so they're no longer a requirement, but it's a nice luxury to have.

I could go on, but would probably be easier to answer questions then to ramble on hoping to answer what you might want to know.

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Somehow, having Snake Eater play is perfect.

You mean Gah eater.