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@mosespippy: @turambar: Is this what Margaret is alluding to when she says that strong personas will leave gifts after the sacrificial spread fusions? Or is ability extraction a separate function?

It's a completely separate function that Margaret will get at some point in Labyrinth 3. Various persona skills will start being highlighted in blue, and you can spend some yen to turn that persona into a skill card.

That sounds super neato, maybe I should stop spending so much time trying to figure out who I want for my fifth party member before starting Labyrinth 2 and get a move on!

Also, Skill cards are totally one use right? I got the one from the first Labyrinth, revive I think it was, but been too paranoid to use it only to swap out that dude and lose the skill.

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Gnawed leaf for sure, it's teeeerrible on it's own, but with a familiar setup it's physically impossible to die in any room. I beat the boss rush area with it, Robobaby 2.0, and spawning flies and literally just walked away from the controller.

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I super need to start participating in this stuff, but it always runs into bad timing when I just aren't available.

I mean, I'll lose horribly, but that's not the point!

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Smallworld, trust me on this one, the rules are dead simple, but is an absolute blast, 2 players would be under an hour to finish, and between the somewhat random nature of what you get keeps each game different and requiring you to switch up your strategy. It's probably one of my current favorite small group games right now.

Ra - The Dice Game is another good one, games pretty small making it easier to transport, and once again is super simple to understand.

Those are two on the top of my head, if you're looking for more I could probably throw out a few more good choices. Warning, I am not responsible for any breakup that might happen through the cut throat nature of board games.

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Never understood the hate on the feature, or on the game in general. You don't enjoy the game? Fine, it's definitely not a game nor a genre for everything, but I don't get why people seem to want to raise pitchforks over it.

Dunno, is it the cool thing to hate on moba's?

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The definitive edition of Sleeping Dogs has been available on steam since August of 2012.

The big difference for me is keyboard and mouse support. I wouldn't play Tomb Raider or this with a controller again. Yeah, the driving isn't as precise without analog, but it's a fair trade. It's not just because I find keyboards and mice generally more comfortable and practical. The Batman: Arkham-inspired combat systems (Witcher 2 being the other) play very well with a keyboard and mouse.

See, I was in the other boat, even when playing it on my PC I couldn't stand the keyboard mouse setup, and I'm very much a prominent mouse user. To each their own!

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From the amazon page:

The definitive edition of the critically acclaimed open world action-adventure rebuilt specifically for next-gen consoles including all the previously released DLCs valued at $85

As in if you bought all the DLC separately it would cost you $85. Sleeping Dogs: DE is $60, which is actually the same price Steam has for the game and all the DLC bundled.

Unless you wait for a Steam sale and snag all the DLC for dirt, dirt cheap.

Saying that though, I will absolutely buy this again, this was easily my game of the year when it came out! Only reason I haven't 100% the achievements is because the dumb Steam cloud ate my save and it broke me a little bit...

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I need to slap some new art on this, but I keep swapping out different buttons/boards/led's for shits and giggles, but this is my current stick I've been working on, along with the adorable painted ball top. Think I need to throw together some Under Night or Persona 4 Arena artwork for this thing. The wood is pau ferro, because why not use exotic wood for a fight stick.

No art, sad face
Art, no leds, sad face

Man, the more I look at it, more that's a horrible picture, oh well. Here's a picture of it once upon a time before led's and whatnot.

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I wish I had a PS3 for games like this, but unfortunately, I'm stuck getting it on the 360. :(

Does your neighbor have one? If so have you thought about stealing it and burning down their house? They'll never expect it stolen!