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From what I understand it makes sense since this game is the first three game's stories together, plus whatever more Raiden's reconning is going to make happen.
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@McGhee_the_Insomniac said:
"Wow, talking about thread resurrection. My vote goes to Enslaved. "

Kinda understand where you are coming from (I think), but despite the quickness of the ending and its anticlimactic nature I really like how it left us with a question to ponder.  
But I really only came here to make sure no one said anything bad about Prince of Persia 08's ending.
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True open world gameplay and story intergration. The problem with Oblivion was the fact that it had an epic story which required your immediate attention, meaning any questing other than the main story was odd. You would be grabbing mudcrab meat when there's a portal to Oblivion next to every major city, spawning demons that are slowly killing off the defences of the city (in theory).  
Morrowind worked because it had a very slow storyline, with you often told to get more training before you were allowed to advance, encouraging exploration. Morrowind's main quest came in arcs, with parts of the game going at a  slower pace and allowing you to wander off, while other parts tried to get your immediate attention (which in my case worked) making you quickly advance through one arc before slowing back down. Around the end, things ramped up and by that time your character was experienced.  
I'm waiting to hear more of this before I'm sold on Skyrim. I'm hoping they intergrate things more and it sounds like they have at least tried to, considering dragon attacks can happen at random (open world progression), but I need to wait to find out how the main story works within the open world system.
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Graphics are one of the last things I'll doubt a game on. I like pretty graphics as much as everyone else, but I can handle subpar as well. I hold artistic design over graphics, one of the reasons I'm more fond of Morrowind than Oblivion. My real doubt for Skyrim is in the story-open world intergration.
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Screwattack talked of a rumor, involving a video where it looked like people were playing Thief 4, as since in a fuzzy screen in the background of the video with a dude aiming a bow. You should be able to find this screenshot on Thief fansites, as those were the guys who apparently saw it first.  
Splinter Cell's stealth system is fine, but it isn't Garret. I could see them go into an old/new system if they aren't making a prequel, where Garret goes old school stealthing while his protege is more of the quick stealth and parkour movements. I'm not too worried though, considering the preceived effort they're making in Deus Ex being faithful yet new.
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@nintendoeats said:
"Film lovers aren't expected to defend immature movies. If somebody thinks that all games are dumb because of Bulletstorm there will be no reasoning with them.  And I think its funny. In the dumbest way ever of course, but still worth laughing at. Of course I didn't just play a whole game of it. "

However, film has respect as a medium, while video games are still working towards it. Not that there can't be games like Bulletstorm, but when we get to a games as art debate we better hope that Bulletstorm is forgotten. Then again, everyone to their personal tastes.
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Rogue. I NEVER play rogue
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"@LlamaLlama:   I actually agree with you on that, the player not allways being in control is good. I wanted to post a major spoiler from infamous one here, anyone who played through infamous twice probably knows the moment I'm talking about, but I actually thought that was a pretty good moment on my second playthrough. The thing is, in this case the player is actually in full control over who lives or dies, but they're in control in a really silly way. "

Only through metagaming however. If you play through on one and never learn the factors, playing the game the next time/seeing/hearing about the survival of the other sibling will come as a shock. In some ways, I think they should have saved that part for the game rather than the demo, but the rumors and theories of the factors (lots of people thought Carver could survive if Aveline was killed) probably ensured its awareness for those searching.
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" @LlamaLlama:   That still kind of falls back to what I was saying earlier. It could be an idirect descision. Something you say makes one of them want to proove themselves, whoever you make want to proove  themselves get's more reckless, charges the ogre etc.  There's ways for player choices to effect things without the player knowing they're making the descision, that don't involve arbitrarilly tying it to class, you know? "

True, but I also hold onto the idea that while the player should the at the center of the good, not everything needs to be a consequence of their actions. DA2 ( in that moment) doesn't have that, rather it is about how do you make choices afterwards. How is your relationship with your other sibling and mother affected by the choice. Mama Hawke after all cursed me for not stopping Carver from getting slaughtered, so I assume that there will be some conflict about that. 
I'm not against indirect decisions, I thought that the indirect consequences were the best moments in the Witcher, but I just feel that the player shouldn't always decide the fate of all the other characters. Sometimes we should merely be reacting.