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Don Mattrick.

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I am absolutely gutted. Ryan, along with the rest of Giant Bomb has become a part of my life. I feel as if a good friend has passed away.

I will never forget you, Ryan.


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I wish you all the best, Dave!

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I suspected this would happen and decided to wait to purchase the game. The plus side for me is, now I know how bloody tiny the city sizes are and am not interested in the game at all anymore. I admire the finite simulation the game seems to focus on, I'm just more interested in grander scale city/world building.

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@PokeIkzai said:

This is awesome but.... why?

Because I will totally fucking buy this. :3

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@Intelligent_Space_Man said:

I will totally be scouring the bins at the drugstore to find a deluxe shareware copy again.

Fuuuuck I miss that.

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I have a gaming PC and a laptop that I both use on my TV. The Ouya is not for me. Also, just my opinion, the controller looks like shit and Android sucks.

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I cannot wait for this. Okami is an amazing game and it would be nice to play it again in a higher resolution.

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@Thiefsie said:

This won't be cheaper than an iPad - it was way more full-featured. That being said it should be a hell of a lot better and more useful!

I'll wait off getting iPad 3 also to see how this turns out. I'd prefer a tablet that can run basic photoshop and load up an external HD or compact flash reader out of the box please for my photography purposes.

Bring it on!

This would finally get me to buy a tablet. Surface, especially with it having Windows 8 and a keyboard in the cover seems like the tablet I would buy. Here's hoping it's actually good.