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@singingmenstrual: the question is at is shows, pretty much i am asking your top 3 games of all time :D

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Oh my does anyone know how we move items in the list up? It changed since i last created a list..

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@lordandrew: ah thanks, i will add the very fisrt released then :)

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My top 3 game for starters :

1) Rome Total War

2) Civilization V

3) Fallout 3

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Back in 2012 i came up with the idea of asking the people of GiantBomb which are their top 3 games of all time.

2 years passed and i wanna do it again since many new games plus new generation consoles were released so i am sure new interesting games will most probably enter the list.

Here is the link on tracking the games and their votes :D


Have fun.


1) Only add your top 3 games, if you add more i will pick your first 3. If you add 2, i wont add any, it has to be 3 and believe me i understand how hard it is :)

2) Do not give me Franchises , please be specific on which game you want.

3) Be patient your vote/entry will take some time to show as i am not 24/24 online.

4) Entries will be accepted for 1 month ( 6-6-2014)

5) Some games have remasters please be specific which game you mean to avoid wrong entries.

Lets see what happens :D

** Edit since an ordered list can contain only 100 items and i am pretty sure the votes will be more than 100 games, i will create at the end of the voting period another new list with the top 100 voted games and then post it here :)

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@fourwude: lol turn the kinect to the wall :P

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DAMN PPL STILL VOTES!! i need to go back to it asap! Sorry all for not placing the votes!!!!!!!!

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@ashleychittock: i picked the first of your suggestions for the 3 game. If you don't want it pls notify me .