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@PSNgamesun: Just tell me which ME you enjoyed the most , or you spent more hours so i can add one of em.

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@DeF: My bad for the confusion then

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@DeF: Yes i am seriously wondering about the last expansion* because when i get the Heart of the swarm i wont be able to wait another so time for my preferred race of the game to be released :)

Oh and when sometimes we say DLC we mean expansion but please don't try to give me a lecture like you are the best professor of games that tries to hold on words and show superiority because that makes you stupid. I think the rest of the people understood my meaning,

My question was more enthusiastic and i was showing my anticipation for this great game.

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@TheKeywork1989: Can you tell me your preferred Zelda game? :)

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Updated :) And we reached 100 games with more than 2 votes !

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Now that we know that heart of swarm is coming , i cant actually wait for the final (if its the final) EXPANSION* of the protoss . But so far i havent found/heard anything related to that!

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Damn i feel the urge to create a list of all the first completed games that people finished on 360

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