GiantBomb's top 100 games of all time. (2014)

Top 3 games of all time 2014 is a fun making list to see what the people here prefer the most .

Based of what people vote here i am adding to the list and i sum votes .

The number next to the title icon represent the total votes the game got .

This is the base list, when the voting ends on 6/6/14 i will make a new list which i will post the the top 100 games :D

List items

Posted by Nightriff

Have you thought about how you will approach remakes and such? I personally think it is unfair to keep the votes separate considering they are the same game, regardless if someone prefers a version over the others. Basically I'm defending the Persona games where I like the vanilla version and others prefer P4G. Same as Persona 3, others will like vanilla or the FES version or even the Portable version. I would add the votes together within one game, and for the description talk about how it was distributed between the different versions.

Interested in your thoughts on this, as it is your little project.