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Thought this was kind of funny.

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@milkman: His work was based around long form articles that sounded like they were really time intensive and therefore costly to produce. I just don't think there is a huge audience for that kind of content anymore.

What? Sorry....what were you saying? You were getting a bit long winded and I zoned out at articles.

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  • no action / slow paced - average NFL game is about 3 hours long; average amount of actual playtime (from snap to whistle) is about ten minutes.
  • no scoring - best scoring team in the NFL for 2013 was Denver (4.5TD per game) and they were an anomaly. The next best team was an entire point below that (3.4), all the way down to Jacksonville that sat at 1.6. Now make a one to one (not seven) comparison to goals per game in the BPL. At the top is ManU (2.45) and bottom is Stokes (0.95). Not quite the disparity that everyone makes it out to be.
  • not athletic - yeah, guys that run a quarter marathon per game without so much as a tv time out, who can bend a kick with their foot more accurately than Manning can pass a football with his arm, who have more ball control and moves than Chris Paul and who are more acrobatic than Lynn Swann all while playing with no hands and little more than some shorts and shin guards. (just for reference here are some other running averages - NFL CB/WR 1.2mi, NBA 2.7mi, Tennis 4.5, Baseball....???)
  • too much flopping - true, you never see that in an NBA game
  • pouting - yep, American sports aren't filled with any whiners
  • boring - yeah, nothing like America's national past time (which is baseball for those who do not know)
  • no commercial breaks - true, this must be the deal breaker in a country where the most popular sport (NFL) has around 80+ minutes of commercials, where 90 seconds of an NBA game can turn into 20 minutes and baseball is without any time at all. How perplexed America must be by soccer where a 90 minute game is pretty much 90 minutes.
  • no draft - that is a new one but mostly untrue. There is a huge player market - it is called the world, and teams draft new talent all the time. However, I think the real question here is, do you really care about the draft? - no really, do you like watching a program that amounts to a 72 hour paint drying marathon to build a shopping list which you can readily view 10 seconds later on the internet. Is the NFL draft really that big a deal to you or are you just saying that because ESPN has told you it is that big of a deal in order to promote filler between SC reruns that cost them next to nothing to produce.
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I think I must be the only person who thinks that these third person city-navigating open world games (is there a word for this? GTA-likes?) are only good if they have a great story. This playground stuff like Crackdown, infamous, and seemingly Sunset Overdrive has never held my interest.

I am guessing your are not a fan of Minecraft either?

For some people it is about coloring between the lines and for others its about splashing paint all over the walls. I haven't found much in the way of video game prose worth sitting through, so I personally, just want to throw paint all over....or maybe gas.....and then blow it all up by driving a dynamited tanker trunk into a landfill of explosive barrels.

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My tops

  • Destiny
  • The Division
  • Evolve
  • Alien Isolation
  • Civilization : Beyond Earth

Honorable Mentions

  • Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age
  • No Man's Sky
  • Sunset Overdrive
  • Fable Legends
  • Dragon Age Inquisition
  • Hyrule Warriors
  • Forza Horizon 2
  • Rainbow Six Siege

Love how much attention coop / team based games got at e3 this year.

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Watch GB's unfinished / quick look video. Near the end they show some of the character customization. Looks like you have a lot of choices....except for a female assassin. Female assassins are hard.

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@extomar said:

You are not insane for considering buying an expensive electronic device.

You are insane for asking strangers on purchasing advice on an expensive electronic device.

Best comment ever.

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The main think it is missing is porn. More people would buy it if it came with porn.

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Xbox One controller has better analog sticks, stick resistance, trigger and bumper design, d-pad and positioning of the battery pack as well as the back/start buttons. The controller seems to be made of better materials as well. I would give a negative to the proprietary mic jack. I also have two controller and they have a small amount of flex in the hand rests. I don't think it is a problem with the materials or build quality as much as it is the shape. The hand pieces on the 360 controller come to a more rounded end, where on the One they are slightly more pointed. I think this design doesn't allow the front and back of the controller to lock together as tightly as the 360s so you can feel a tiny bit of flex.

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Yep, it is too bad the hive mind fueled by a minority of fear mongerers drove Microsoft's decision to forgo plans which would have allowed retail discs to be loaded and treated as digital. I guess the price of a 60 second daily check-in and giving up our .0133% exchange rate at Gamestop was too much of a sacrifice to join the modern era. I hope the idea returns in some form or another in the near future because I will be happy to forgo ever having to deal with a disc beyond loading a game for the first time. Anyone that wanted to strap this generation of consoles to a dead media was the one who got it wrong, if you ask me. PCs have long abandoned physical discs just as every other entertainment on the planet has.