i really liked old world blues

here's that drawing for gameinformer's art contest i did a while ago (i, uh, didn't win)

also my tablet started messing up right before i went to color this :( booo

old world blues was so great :']

i wish i coulda hung out with Dr 0 and Roxy more


fallout new vegas

I couldn’t decide which color scheme was better, so have both

that gross lookin' dude in the middle is me (um, my friend asked me to draw me and my companions chillin')

and yeah Arcade is teasing Private Edwards about cleaning his gun all the time but “it’s an essential part of ncr training to take care of your firearm!” and blah blah blah

those guys



Morooka, waitin' for his fuckin class to END ALREADY FUCK

I tried a new coloring and lineart style, but it doesn't look that different, which is... kind of a bummer...

EDIT: I tried making him a little grosser and his teeth a little bigger.

EDIT 2: okay, I was trying to make it look more like Morooka and it turned into a grotesque mockery of the human form. So, um, I give up, and I'm sorry about that...



okay I've been fiddling with this picture on and off for a while, but I seriously can't get the colors right. So, uh, I'm gonna give up on it... But I wanna post what I've got up here anyway. 'Cuz, you know, Dr. 0.

I've got a better picture of Dr. 0 and Roxy and my courier that I submitted to the game informer art contest, so... wish me luck? I really wanna win that thing, jeez


Scout Papercraft

Okay, I just finished making my papercraft and I thought maybe you guys would wanna see it. I got the pattern off of the papercraft museum. It was pretty quick and easy to make, but some of the pieces are missing tabs— off the top of my head, I think it’s one of the sleeves, the earpiece, and the pistol. And yeah, I cross-posted this picture to nearly everywhere on the internet, haha.



I did this really quick for a scout rper on tumblr who was being ridiculously nice to me. Also, it was good foreshortening practice. :] Sorry if I'm posting too much, I promise my next one will be ~quality~

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