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I don't want to be rude or anything but I think you should consider the fact that a)the octopus would probably suffer just as much had it been eaten by a natural predator in its natural environment and b)livestock such as cows or pigs surely suffer a lot more during their lives because of poor living condisions than this octopus in its last 30 seconds, and that suffering is surely more common.

Natural selection is totally fine by me. But when speaking of humans having a good time chewing up live animals, it bothers me. I guess i'm a sensitive person.

What the fuck does any of what he said have to do with natural selection? Your argument is weak, bordering on incomprehensible and you're embarrassing yourself.

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i think octopus at least i think thats what it was, at some weird japanese restaurant. they had alot of weird shit on the menu.

My friend imported Korean fried octopus tentacles and gave me some. It smelled like death and tasted like ass. I almost passed out from eating it.

Have you ever watched the movie Oldboy? The guy eats a LIVING OCTOPUS in the movie. And he had to make that scene THREE TIMES.

You mean this..

Loading Video...

After watching that I don't think I want to see the movie. That was just nasty...

Call me weird, but if a human have the disrespect to harm and eat a live animal, then I'd like to see it the other way round. Put that guy in a tank with an angry, over-sized octopus who hasn't eaten in days. And don't give me that '' its okay to kill to feed '' bullshit. They could have the decency of killing it before hand. This is just wrong.

P.S. : I'm not talking directly about this movie in particular, but the other youtube videos linked at the end of it where people chew on live octopus with giggles and laughter.

How the fuck is killing it and then eating it any different than just eating it? It still dies either way and I'm sure the pre-killed cows that you eat go through a lot more pain and torture than that octopus. It seems like you just want to disassociate yourself from the brutality of murdering and eating an animal by only eating animals that were slaughtered behind closed doors by other people, when really it's no different, so either become a vegetarian or man the fuck up.

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Really? 120 hrs of gameplay? I'm well versed in the art of time wasting, but that is just on a whole other level.

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I never even sat in a Driver's side seat of a car until I was 17, but I got my permit and then, a year later, my license at 18. Never failed.

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One that just popped into my head just now is "Gods are placeholders for the truth."

I like it.

Do you have any self-made quotes/mantras? Share them.

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Can people stop pretending 4chan and reddit are the worst places in the world? Sure there's some fucked up shit there but there are also funny and interesting discussions once in awhile. I don't know, maybe I've just been desensitized by 4chan, but my mind seems to just subconsciously block out the really bad stuff there.

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It was a mosquito with herpes bro. Next time use protection.

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Buy music? What is this nonsense? Everyone knows music is free.