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I have never seen any Saw or Hostel move. From my understand they are just gruesome violence for it's own sake, is this correct?

I wouldn't say that's fair. I think both movies offer an eerie sense of dread and hopelessness that perhaps requires the viewer to wonder "What if I was in their shoes?" in order to get the most out of it. The gore is definitely there but it's not the main focus.

A movie that better fits your description is The Human Centipede 2. DO NOT watch that fucking movie.

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My serious face :|

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Popular opinion: They're all ass.

I would never say they are amazing movies. I mean, I would never have either series in my collection, but I still think Hostel deserves more credit than it gets and is overall better than Saw.

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I disagree. Hostel is a boring piece of crap. An hour of boring touring through Europe with unlikable characters and awful dialogue, then 20 minutes of torture and 10 minutes of escape (these are estimates).I found Hostile to be incredibly slow, boring, and almost unwatchable. Saw is a pop corn horror flick with a well paced story, understandable characters, and the fascinating look at the "what would you do if you were in this situation" that made it enjoyable. Only speaking for the first one of each, i don't care much for debating sequels.That is of course my opinion. To each his own. =)

Understandable. Though I feel that the first half of Hostel actually adds to the movie because until roughly the halfway point they are just a few douchey Americans having a good time in Europe and then everything abruptly turns to shit and I think without that contrast the movie wouldn't be as effective.

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@Hailinel said:

A woman in a penguin costume with a crossbow? Man, what?

Holy shit, that sounds totally fucking hilarious. I need to gather some friends and some liquor and watch that movie.

Well prepare to be disappointed. I recently watched the 3rd one on Netflix and it doesn't really look like a penguin outfit. She looks more like a female version of Kabal from Mortal Kombat. A completely lame scene just like every other scene in Hostel 3.

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Wait, there's a Hostel 3?

Yup, it's a shitty direct to DVD sequel made without Eli Roth's involvement or consent.

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I really think they are (excluding the 3rd). I've always found the Saw movies way over-the-top (and not in a good way). I'd even say the best Saw movies aren't as good as the first 2 Hostels.

The thing that makes Hostel better is it seems much more grounded in reality and the idea that the average family man could also be a sadistic killer who pays to torture and kill people for a thrill is way creepier than some old man who kills based on a twisted sense of justice.

I also feel that the idea of an organization that kidnaps and sells people for torture is beyond fucked up, but also believable, which makes it even creepier.

I really think the first 2 Hostels are highly under-rated horror films that get wrongly branded as nothing more than "torture porn" or a Saw rip-off.

So what do you guys think? Am I the only one of this opinion?

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That has got to be the most redundant title ever created.

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Well, I'm a little worried for what this could mean. If I am required to get insurance for all of my employees, it will put me out of business. If it puts me out of business it puts my 8 employees out of business too.My sister is in school right now without a job and doesn't have heath care. From what I understand, if she doesn't get health care she'll get penalized in her taxes. I'm worried what will happen to people like me and my parents who own small business that can't afford everyone's health care.

This may be outdated information, but I thought you were only required to get health insurance for all your employees if you have over 40 or 50 employees under the Health Care Reform act (I refuse to call it Obamacare...fucking stupid).

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@ervonymous said:

If it means axing every other language, no. As unlikely as it is that I'll ever have to rely heavily on my Swedish or Russian, I enjoy learning new languages and everything that comes with it. It's the best gateway to a culture.

Do you not realize that if we all spoke one language you wouldn't need a gateway because there would be no gate? Other cultures would be more accessible to you and others causing more tolerance and understanding amongst cultures as a whole.