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" @LobsterCrunk:  Also to go along with what Slaker117 just mentioned, I had seen another forum post regarding this issue on another site. It's possible that the PS3 version of MK is being supported this much because WB or NetherRealms have more faith in it in terms of its development. I mean...I have no reason to believe that the 360 version will be inferior in any way, but its possible that the PS3 version was further along in its development cycle. Which could be another reason why the PS3 version maybe optimized to handle additional character assets like Kratos in time for the major gaming conferences.

But hell, what do I know about video games? It's entirely possible that WB does have an ongoing title deal with Sony and in exchange gives exclusive content to the console at the expense of the 360 player base. However, if that were true then WB would probably have made MK a PS3 exclusive title and not multiplatform as the development costs for a multiplatform title would have probably exceeded the sales projections for the 360. But again....what do I know?

I'm happy to keep reading these great points you guys are giving.

I'd guess that, in the case of MK, multiplatform development wouldn't be that much of an issue because of the returns that both bases generate - MK will definetly sell over a million units on both platforms, so there's no reason not to provide 360 users with an extra incentive.  The PS3 version of MKvsDC outsold the 360, but not by an incredible amount, so that might have something to do with it: but I have to agree that the best bet is that WB and Sony have some kind of multi-game deal going on.  I guess we'll have a better idea of it depending on what happens with Arkham City.

Back to MK, the reason this exclusivity is happening is because Sony is being favoured for whatever reason - I just thought that this happened because of an auction behind the scenes.  I mean, if I were Netherrealm, I'd have approached both companies and said "Hey, I've got a deal for you.  You're both getting exclusive characters as DLC, but if you'd like to generate a fair bit of positive press, we can announce it before the launch and put it on the disc."

But, hey, whatever, that was before I knew Kratos to be the only exclusive.  On the bright side, for 360 players, this means that those retro fatalities will definetly be in the game, regardless of pre-order bonus.

Speaking of which, I thought I saw Shang Tsung's retro fatality in his trailer, anyone else care to weigh in on this?
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" @LobsterCrunk: It's not really a secret what goes on and it has happened before. If consoles are willing to pay the developers they get exclusives. There are no back room dealings going on. 

What confused me was Ed Boon's quote, it essentially states that Netherrealm has the same attitude towards the PS3 as it does towards the 360.
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" @LobsterCrunk said:

" @Crono said:

" Just suck it up, there will be no exclusive character on the 360. "

Source? "
From the official twitter:

"The ONLY exclusive is Kratos to PS3."

 http://twitter.com/MK_MortalKombat/statuses/24282044141928448Suck it up. "
Ah, I see.  I had no idea this had been said.

Might get it for Ps3 after all.
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" Just suck it up, there will be no exclusive character on the 360. "
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 Apologies, in advance, for the wall of text.

So, we know that the Ps3 version of Mortal Kombat has Kratos in it.   We know that Kratos will definitely not be in the 360 version.   We also know that the MK demo is only available on PSN at the moment, and nobody is quite sure when the demo will be released on 360.

I am absolutely certain that there will be a demo on the 360 at some point, though whether it appears before or after the games release will remain a mystery, for now.   The 360 has a market that is too vast for any multi-console publisher to ignore, and the palpable desire for the demo’s 360 debut will not go unnoticed by Netherrealm and Warner Bros.

But why would the demo be delayed for so long?   Here’s my theory:

Netherrealm may have held an auction between Sony and Microsoft to decide which console version would have exclusive on-disc DLC.   There may have also been a clause in there, somewhere, that forbids the losing bidder’s DLC announcement, which would explain why we have heard nothing about the 360’s possible exclusive and also help explain how Sony is successfully billing MK as a Ps3 game first and a 360 game second.

Ed Boon has stated – on the subject of 360 exclusives: “well, there’s nothing we have ready to announce, but we love our 360 players and we love our Ps3 players and I think everybody’s gonna get something to be happy with”.

If that doesn’t sound like “they are both getting the same thing”, I don’t know what does.

Regardless, it’s been rumoured that what the 360 is getting is an “exclusive online mode” – with many people claiming it to be Puzzle Kombat.

I stated earlier that this may have been to do with some sort of auction behind the scenes for on-disc DLC.   That is what I believe Kratos to be.   It is totally believable, to me, that Kratos’ announcement is part of the deal along with his presence in the retail disc.   The 360 version’s “online feature” may be a download code for the 360’s exclusive character.

Now, what about the 360’s exclusive character?   Who would it be?   The main rumour, at this point, is that the “Lady in Red” will be exclusively free for 360 players for a limited time.   My understanding of the situation, however, is that this has been ruled out by statements from Netherrealm.

I’ve heard people say that the 360 doesn’t have the character-stable that the Ps3 does, and as a result, there are hardly any potential characters who could fit into MK.

I’ll agree that there are no 360-exclusive characters that fit into MK as well as Kratos does.   He ticks almost every box in the MK universe: he’s a God; he uses magic; he has a ton of weapons; he rips people in half – but the MK universe also has cyborg ninjas, clones, aliens, grenades, guns and flamethrowers.

There is enough room, in the fiction, for any character from almost any game ever, including: Fable, Halo, Gears of War, Crackdown, Perfect Dark, Kameo or Too Human.

Not that this makes it easier to discern who the secret character could be.   One would think that, if it were Marcus Fenix or Master Chief, we’d have heard by now – Microsoft surely wouldn’t let Netherrealm use one of their most iconic characters and not want them to shout about it?

This is what makes me think the answer is either that Netherrealm’s lips are sealed because of Sony’s wallet, or that the character is relatively unknown to the audience and has been plucked from one of Microsoft’s less famous game franchises, like Kameo.

Kameo can transform into a dragon, by the way.

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This video makes me seriously consider Jax as my main

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For my two cents, you could get a few characters from the Fable universe that fit the bill like Jack of Blades, Reaver or Maze.
Also, if you could stomach more Star Wars characters in your fighting games, Revan, Ballista and everyone else from the Knights of the Old Republic series is fair game.
Technically, Munch's Oddyssey is a Microsoft exclusive, but I can't imagine Abe making an appearance in Mortal Kombat.  Unless you played as the Shrykull...
You could also get the Crackdown agents, or even Chris Cashman.

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Sounds like Dragon Age 2: Fable to me.  Also, I really like the box art that's featured on DA2's site.  I hope there are that many companions in the final game, some my favourite parts of DA:O were spent interacting with my team and I imagine Bioware's usual standard of writing won't take an unexpected dip in quality.

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Urgh.  They got the same dude who hosted last year's keynote again.

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I'd rather they'd added Quicksave to Oddysee - last I played it on Steam it was pretty much the same as the PSOne except it runs a whole lot faster on PC.  I kida prefered how deliberately paced those games were on PSOne.
Also, Stranger's Wrath was a helluva game.  I'd love for people to find it on Steam - so long as they fix the bad sound quality of the characters during gameplay - it's one of the best FPS' I've ever played.
And, finally, New Amazing Product from Oddworld?  Sweet.  Mind you, I've been hearing for the last 2 years that they're working on something.  First it was that movie they were planning called Citizen Siege, now it's a new game set on Oddworld?  Well, I can keep waiting.