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Maybe Peter Molyneux will pitch in with his patented dog-tech.

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Didn't they base the character appearance off the voice actor, who is also a regular actor? Why didn't they just get HIM?

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It's pretty great and there are a lot of mods out for it, including some that add in new vehicles (like a gigantic bulldozer) and weapons (reconstruction gun in single player). The mods aren't perfect, however. For instance, you can tell the game to spawn in whichever vehicles you like at each base location, but if the vehicle's too big for that spawn point it might cause damage to the surrounding buildings. The reconstruction gun works surprisingly well, but if you try to reconstruct material into the same spot where you're standing, the game will crash (so save often and stand back).

Even if you don't want to tinker with it, it's a solid port (MUCH better than Saints Row 2) and I frequently see it on sale for $5. Also a great, great game.

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"I sure hope they make it into another generic FPS." - absolutely nobody

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Secret Cave Hair

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I thought we were done with Snake. All of them.

OK, guys, think of it this way. Every single MGS game is TOTALLY NUTS. Every one in a continuity has to contend with all that insanity, plus add its own. The only way they can possibly add another game's worth of insanity to Snake's story is if they get someone with a breathtaking capacity for highly structured nonsense.

Wonder what Andrew Hussie's up to.

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I hate it when they do this. They think the solution to everything is raising the level cap and then when players hit that they're shocked, SHOCKED, that all they've done is make the end-game less accessible for casual players.

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Every fan complaining about the ending is a fan who bought the game and played it through to completion. Of course given how heavy EA's been leaning on the DLC lately, they may well still see those fans as potential customers they need to please.

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"This is going to be the thing that allows us to make Giant Bomb bigger and crazier* than it's ever been before, and I hope you all stick around with us.

*pending approval from corporate. Craziness brought to you by Cars 2."

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@awesomatic: One of them can die.

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