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Hate to say this isn't really surprising. SimCity flopped way hard and the Sims 4 probably didn't sell enough to dig them out of that hole. Still sad to see them go, though.

Yeah, and that's Maxis's fault. In a just world, Maxis shuts down EA.

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Zelda: Link, Ganon's got his hands on the Triforce again!

Link: HYAAA! Ngh! ...Bleh.

Zelda: Also the milk's gone sour. Don't drink that.

Link: Well excuuuuse me, Princess.

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Well, it's definitely more interesting than trying to sell me Simpsons skins for Minecraft.

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I hear they're replacing it with New! eShop LLX 2gether ReMix.

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Jeff, I'ma let you finish but Agility Orbs are the best collectibles on earth.

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Meh. I'm sure the dinosaurs will all look like they're made of plastic.

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I kind of like how uPlay lets you trade in your achievement points for neat in-game stuff, but this is a little offensive. I was going to pre-order Far Cry 4 this week. Think I'll wait now. Preferably until a Steam sale, where I can buy it cheap. On Steam. As that's where it's going to end up eventually anyway.

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Maybe Peter Molyneux will pitch in with his patented dog-tech.

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Didn't they base the character appearance off the voice actor, who is also a regular actor? Why didn't they just get HIM?

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It's pretty great and there are a lot of mods out for it, including some that add in new vehicles (like a gigantic bulldozer) and weapons (reconstruction gun in single player). The mods aren't perfect, however. For instance, you can tell the game to spawn in whichever vehicles you like at each base location, but if the vehicle's too big for that spawn point it might cause damage to the surrounding buildings. The reconstruction gun works surprisingly well, but if you try to reconstruct material into the same spot where you're standing, the game will crash (so save often and stand back).

Even if you don't want to tinker with it, it's a solid port (MUCH better than Saints Row 2) and I frequently see it on sale for $5. Also a great, great game.

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