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Oh darn, now I want to see a Mario Kart-ed version of Captain Falcon.
Also it's pretty neat that they are referencing the first one game this time.

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No second F-Zero character, no 'BRACK BURR'.

Why must I be so attracted to unsuccessful things nobody cares about.
Curious as to how that Duck Hunt dog will play, I just hope he isn't a 'composite' character. That would be a cop-out.

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I don't mind him being cocky in the games, considering he races/fights a lot of villains who want him dead. It seems fitting for him to want to get on their nerves.
But I suppose you're right, it is a part of him. (Not exactly something I 'love' though)

Could have done without the gang up at the end though.
I'd love to see Black Shadow make it in, now that would be hype to see.

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Kind of sucks to see your favorite character portrayed as kind of an arrogant bully.
I hope F-Zero gets an other guy, so that the Captain won't be alone.

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Samurai Goroh is back as an assist trophy, so Capt. Falcon is basically confirmed.
That said while I doubt he will be getting a big reveal, I do hope he isn't a secret character again. (3 times is just silly)

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I just assumed that 2+ games makes something a series. I don't really know.
I never understood what people saw in the NES Kid Icarus either, but then again I enjoy all sorts of things most people don't like so who am I to talk?

I'm cool with all sorts of strange roster additions, I just wish every series with potential characters despite popularity would get a chance at 2 characters. (Namely F-Zero since I love the characters from that series)

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The Mii might be the closest thing for me to being able to 'play' as an other F-Zero character, and they have good looking movesets so far so I'm glad they made it in.
I've wanted Pac-Man in since 3rd party characters were first announced in Brawl, so I'm super happy he made it and that they chose his Pac-Man World design. (seems like none of his abilities from those games made it, but thats ok) I look forward to explanations as to how he plays.

I have no opinion on the Kid Icarus lady, other than I don't really like how she fights. I'm sure the fans of the series must be happy though.

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I'm just waiting for Captain Falcon, but what would really get me excited is if Samurai Goroh made it this time as well. Something that may remind folks that F-Zero is more than just Falcon Punch.

It will never happen but I can still dream.

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I believe the comics and most promotional art keep it at a constant "hood", the cartoon on the other hand jumped between hood and hair constantly, depending on the episode and context. (Was he on some sort of vehicle? Then it was probably hair)

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I will always want to see a sequel to Dark Void. At this point I don't even care if it's published by Capcom, as long as it continues the story and builds on it using the background information of its in-game journals, and develops on the jet-pack, air to ground gameplay.