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A sequel to Dark Void would be wonderful for me and 5 other people. (That is, one that learns from its mistakes and improves on its strengths)

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I wouldn't mind seeing a wide variety in the roster like in Jump Ultimate Stars, though I would assume there would be limitations overall. (I'm more into older stuff so guys like Seiya and Cobra are always welcome)

That said I'd love for there to be more than one Kinnikuman character this time. Maybe Terryman or Robin Mask.

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I'm a little confused as to why people would want Bayonetta for a game like this. I may not like the character but I understand part of her appeal, and one of the things that seems to define her as well as make her "iconic" is the overly suggestive/humorous way she moves around, fights and acts. Wouldn't a game like this have to short sell all that, and thus leaving fans with a half assed, PG version of the character?

Many times I've joked to my friends about certain "mature" rated characters I really like showing up for E rated crossovers, but I have enough perspective to know that they wouldn't be represented in their truest form so there really isn't much point. Just something I've been wanting to get out of my chest, since there is no way in hell I would say this in those Sega forums.(where everyone if biting each others heads off over this Miku lady and Ryo)

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@ll_Exile_ll said:


Don't forget, he tortures lots of dudes.

This is all I ever heard before I actually watched to show, and by the time I finished it I was left rather "disappointed" with it all. I understand at the time it was a tough subject, but throughout the entire run of 24 Jack really doesn't torture people as much as viewers make it sound. And some of the "torture" methods he uses are just threats to mess with the person or something that would equal to Batman holding someone off a ledge of a building or something. Fairly mundane stuff for "action" standards.

That said the last season did had one that was particularly disturbing, but it felt fitting to how the character had evolved by that point.

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I got into the show around season 7, but was bummed out to realize it was going to end just one season after. Still I managed to watch the whole series on Netflix and enjoyed every minute of it. Some seasons are weaker than others but if you enjoy the characters and the larger stories most are watchable.

Regarding your question, about Jack Bauer and his skills I can say that yes he is quite skilled at hand to hand combat. It isn't too often that fights in 24 come down to close range but multiple times throughout the show Jack displays some creativity and skill when taking out opponents up close. He is also into stealth tactics and REALLY good with just about any firearm. (And for whatever reason turning pointy objects into projectiles)

The main season stories in 24 tend to be pretty damn good, though because they branch out into other sub plot-lines there are bound to be duds in the mix. The action in the show tends to be fast paced most of the time, but intense none the less. That said the show tends to spend most of its time with political drama, betrayals and plot-twists every other hour.

As a character Jack Bauer actually evolves quite a bit from beginning to end, and is a pretty interesting character overall. At least far more than I would have believed from what I had heard of him before.

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I wouldn't say I am an expert on composition, but to me it looks like there is a bit too much empty space at the bottom of the cover. It is made more jarring by the fact that the character's faces are cut off. Then again I don't know, maybe this is proper graphic design.

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F-Zero, depending on how they go about it. If it's too close to GX, then I can wait. (I just didn't enjoy that one as much as X, though I certainly understand its merits)

I wouldn't mind seeing a new IP, but since I'm not that much of a Nintendo fan I don't really see what they could do that would interest me much.

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I've been trying to pimp out the Axel Stone petition in a few places (to Streets of Rage fans mainly) since I feel that series should get some representation in the 3D era. There is no way he will get considered, which is disappointing, but I hope him and Blaze get enough votes to at least make them noticeable for something else.

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I'm really sad Axel Stone isn't getting much love. If there is one character (and franchise) I'd like to see get represented here it's his. Especially when I realize that as a whole Streets of Rage gets almost zero reference in these games. (Aside from an achievement in the first one :/)

Anyways he got my vote.

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Having played games like Driver: San Francisco, it kind of disappoints me that these are just cutscenes and not actual in-game scenarios.