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I would love for someone to re-release both Illbleed and Blue Stinger, maybe in a HD "Double Feature" pack of sorts.

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Honestly I am just excited to hear the Director's Cut is still something in the works. It was one of the few things I would look forward to for either this or next year.

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I may be the minority on this but that sounds terrible. (So far)

I don't really care for Superman Vs. Batman type plotlines, heck I don't really care much for when they are in the same room. That said I'm sure it will be presented well, since I really enjoyed what they did with MK9's story, but if this is true then I just lost more interest.

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Lego Racers.

You know, Lego without licensed properties attached to it. Lego Island was good too.

Rocket Racer needs to return, and none of that Evil Knievel ish. Plus more representation of classic themes.

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@Gaff said:

I suddenly feel the urge to play Outfoxies (1994).

You Motherfacker!

And here I was thinking of being clever by saying that Smash Bros is a rip-off of The Outfoxies.

But in all seriousness, the more the merrier. As some have already said, the genre needs competition, simple as that. Sony All-Stars may be disappointing in the "personality" department or in really feeling like a celebration of "Playstation gaming" or whatever, but I admire that the guys at SuperBot are walking into this with a different gameplay mentality, which is enough for me to at least want to try it out and see how it plays. I firmly believe that everyone has to start somewhere, and that once you got your feet on the ground you can only get better so I would hope that if this game is any good, a sequel would add more charm to it. Though maybe I am too optimistic about that.

Either way, no one seems to be planning on making an other Jump Super Stars game, and I don't really care much for an other Nintendo Smash Bros so I don't have a whole lot of options for crazy, free for all fighters.

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@rebgav said:

2) Isn't "mature and gritty" exactly the wrong direction to take that franchise? If they have to make another one, wouldn't it be more interesting to take it in the opposite direction and make the Saints Row 3 of military-inspired shooters?

I sort of agree with this thought. I walked into this series hoping for something a bit more strange and stylished than the average serious military shooter, what with the masked protagonist designs. The first game gave me something like that with those weird powered up modes (the super speed and super armor) but that was sadly removed in the sequel.

Personally I wouldn't like something quite as silly as Saints Row The Third, but definitely crazy.

I'll go on the record and say I may be one of the few who actually likes these games (along with the Kane and Lynch games), but I can certainly understand the majority's disinterest in it. I had actually enjoyed the story of the first one, but while the sequel played a little better everything else about it was just ho-hum, especially the story. Eh, I dunno.

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Still hoping that Dart from Legend of Dragoon makes it in. I think it would add some nice "old-school" charm, and I'd love to throw down to its music. (or a remix of it) And as mentioned, they really gotta put more "POW" into those sound effects.

That Uncharted level though, I dunno. It looks kind of cool but it isn't the first location I'd think of when talking about Uncharted, or even 3 specifically. Plus if the scoring system was more like Smash Bros. I would have found it more appealing.

These rumored leaks are pretty interesting though.

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Oh hey I love Dark Void I...wait thats not what this topic is about.

But seriously, the footage in that video looks absolutely unreal. Neat stuff.

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It probably wouldn't be something most would want for the series, but I always wanted to see a Terminator-like dude, considering the first movie was like a strange version of a horror/slasher film. A computer virus would be pretty cool too.

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I sometimes dislike topics like these because I feel like I need to put some explanation into the choices I've made, but then that feels rather arrogant since...well...who cares about what I think? Still, I can't help it:

1- F-Zero X:

Aside from the fact that I really enjoy arcade styled racers, it is rather difficult to describe why I love this game so much. I'd say the biggest part has to do with the fact that the F-Zero series has characters, something I was surprised of that a racing game would ever bother doing. I consider similar to fighting games, F-Zero bothered to put faces and back-stories to the racers involved. In F-Zero X I loved the Western Comic Book look the characters had and the artwork in general. The memorable "metal" soundtrack complimented the characters and gave the game a bit of a rough, busted and deadly atmosphere. The vehicle designs were simple yet iconic, and the sense of speed was amazing at the time. (and still is quite effective)

The rival system was also an interesting way to add a bit of character into the game (Fun note: The usual 3 "rival" racers that would keep close to you when playing as Captain Falcon are usually his enemies, Black Shadow, Blood Falcon and Samurai Goroh) and I must admit I loved the fact that destroying your competition was a viable option to win. Sadly most of what I liked about it was not present in F-Zero GX aside from the even faster speed, but that is a whole nother topic.

2- Streets of Rage 2:

Many can look back at the brawlers/beat em' up genre and see them as shallow games (aka Konami beat em' ups), however I feel Streets of Rage 2 and the series in general could be seen as an exception. It is shallow only if you want it to be, as it has enough nuance or options for it to make it a fun game to master and play with more "complexity" outside of bashing the attack button. This game also has some rather impressive pacing, especially when it comes to introducing new enemy types in each level. Most bosses are introduced in very memorable ways (Barbon ripping his shirt when you first meet him in a rainy back alley to Shiva standing beside Mr. X and jumping into the fight) and of course the music was awesome. As a whole Streets of Rage 2 is what I used to believe a video game sequel should be; bigger, better and an improvement of ideas the previous iteration had created.

Streets of Rage 3 (or rather Bare Knuckle 3) was, from a gameplay and story standpoint at least, a better game but sadly inconsistent and dull level design, drawn out fights and boring new enemies ultimately made it less enjoyable for me.

3- Deadly Premonition:

To call DP "so bad it's good" would be to discredit the game, though I can certainly understand why people would see it that way. I guess I can't say more about it than what has been said over the years already (and with the Endurance Run and all), but for me never has a game covered some many bases successfully. At times it was scary, other times it was funny, dramatic, charming and towards the end quite sad. For me it will always be an unforgettable game that I will play through at the end of the year, every year till I get all the achievements...or rather trophies with that supposed Directors Cut version coming out on PS3.

My apologies for typing so much in this post.