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I usually do videos based on games nobody cares about, particularly for that reason, so that anybody who does actually care about it may find some content for it. (if I had a Kinect, I'd totally do a Diabolical Pitch playthrough) Achievement guides, ripped music, obscure collectible guides...and a whole mess of Streets of Rage related videos.

I wish I could do boring and informative reviews, but I don't have a microphone and I don't know what a good one is.

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Recently? I'd have to say Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. It was one of the few games that I didn't bother playing through the campaign for a second time. (Hell, I played Mindjack far more than this) Albeit it was my fault for not following the game's development, as I was under the impression that you would be using cool future tech, doing cool secret future tech stuff but instead I got something that just about as regular as anything else and just as boring. Splinter Cell: Conviction was about as Future Soldier as Future Soldier was. And then the "story" which at one particular scene claims the plot pieces are starting to come together, dumping out names and terms without any real faces so ultimately I had no real understanding of what was going on. (Russia did..., ---tov, and they are bad) Or rather, I had realized I simply didn't care about what was going on.

Since I had rented the game I boned myself out of multiplayer, not that it would matter because I just didn't have fun with the gameplay in general.

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However, if you want a really booooring game Red Faction Armageddon comes to mind. I think its biggest flaw was it dragged on way to long. I remember saying to myself will you end already, please.

This is pretty much how I felt about Armageddon towards the end. Killing those damn creatures over and over became so mundane, even with the crazy weapons and upgrades you get. (And I also couldn't stand Darius' Riddick lookin ass) This is basically the game that made realize most people miss out on a particular point when arguing about game length. I understand the price argument, but some games just aren't meant to be that long or they risk overstaying their welcome. But that is a whole nother topic.

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Goddamn it, I loved WWE All-Stars since it was the closest thing to a current gen Kinnikuman game as I was going to get and I would have loved to see more of it. A damn shame since the way I see it, pro-wrestling games should be crazy like this than all that "simulation" stuff the annual games pull off. (Of course, there is always room for both but I they haven't really made stuff like this in years.)

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I got claimed mine as well. I wasn't even planning on buying this game but hell it's free so I may as well try it out.

Also thanks Trials Evolution.

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No love for SWAT, Navy SEALs, or GSG9?

Most people seem to dislike/forget the modern warriors, though personally I found them to be some of the better episodes as well as having some of the best "simulations". (Who can forget the dancing Medellín Cartel member?)

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All of the warriors in the poll were from seasons 1 and 2. This actually made me smile, thank you DRAGONS.

Also, I go with French Musketeer.

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Really? Tell me more about this.

Well it isn't a big conspiracy or anything, it's just that in later soapboxes I noticed that when Sessler is about to go on a rant or go off topic the footage gets cut and jumps to him back on topic. That is at least in the few of the newer ones I watched. (Which caused me to stop watching them)

I watched Sessler's Soapbox to hear him speak his mind, no matter where it went, like Jeff's Jar Time.

Uncensored Sess if you will.

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Oh man, I definitely look forward to this Bombcast. While I am aware that Adam Sessler left G4, I haven't heard him talk since 'Sessler's Soapbox' started getting heavily edited. (Let the man rant for goodness sake)

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Other I suppose.

When ever E3 comes by I tend to pay more attention to smaller announcements than what the "Big Three" have to offer. That said I would love it if Capcom announced Dark Void 2, but I doubt that will ever happen. (And do I really want that considering the current state Capcom is in?)

Oh and for an other hilarious Konami press conference like in 2010.

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Now that I think about it, the worst thing I do is grip the controller and sometimes slap my knee. (Along with some 'goddamn it's and 'son of a bitch'es) I try to be as calm and quiet about it as possible, the latter being since I live in an apartment, I tend to be paranoid about being too loud.