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What is this "Monday Nitro" the Trials rap is referencing anyways? We aren't talking WCW are we?

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The only thing that will guarantee a Wii-U purchase from me will be F-Zero. That said racing games have changed since 2003 with many amazing ones released through the years. Nintendo's past record shows me that they will not adapt properly so my expectations are set rather low at the moment.

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24 and Quantum Leap for me.

I had started watching 24 from season 7 and really enjoyed it, so I watched season 8 when it aired and the rest through Netflix, and god what a ride it was. It actually made the last two seasons even better knowing what lead up to them.

For Quantum Leap I had watched an episode on G4 and remembered that I had really wanted to check the show out, so I watched what Netflix had and used G4 for the other episodes, especially the last one, which almost brought me to tears. What a great show, both of em really.

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I am definitely happy about it.

I didn't expect the first one to be as enjoyable as it was and I would be happy to play some more of it, especially since some of the guys from Blur are working on it. Though I hope this time the roster goes just a bit deeper into the Genesis/Mega Drive franchises. (aka Axel Stone from Streets of Rage needs to show up, cmon!)

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While N&B was a pretty good game, I honestly wouldn't like to see an other one, or rather not one with the Banjo Kazooie name attached to it. The idea was fun, but it really is the kind of game that benefits from a creative mind. The game didn't give me enough tools to make what I REALLY wanted to make, and from a gameplay perspective the Tool Man Taylor approach of "more power" seemed to solve just about every mission in the game. Hell, the only mission I don't have a T.T. Trophy on is the Saucer of Peril Returns. which pretty much takes away all customization from the player.

I also found the level design to be rather soul-less and the writing to come off as bitter and obnoxiously self-referential.

Anyways, I would love to see an other Banjo-Kazooie game. But I won't hold my breath.

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A rip-off? Well perhaps it is too early to tell if it is an inferior product but a clone yes, as the game is far to similar to Smash Bros at the moment to be called anything else. It isn't like say Jump Super/Ultimate Stars which has some fundamental gameplay differences despite the general idea being similar. That said I can assume the other main reason why people are so sour about it may also have to do with the fact that Sony doesn't have much attachment to people as Nintendo does. Its characters aren't as "beloved" as Nintendo's, and thus makes this seem less impressive from the start.

So this game will have to do a lot to impress and get past that stigma, but don't expect it to. I felt Blur was a far better game than Mario Kart will ever be but quite often I hear people refer to it dismissively as "Mario Kart with licensed cars" and nothing more.

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I'm not one of those people thankfully. What I enjoyed about Melee was that it allowed for the option of more substantially different styles of gameplay, which I felt Brawl didn't do well with. I don't play with items turned off, but somethings I like to have simple one on one stock match with friends as pure tests of skill and I felt that Brawl had a lot of oddities that helped get in the way of that. That and my favorite character was unusually lousy in that game.

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Honestly, the Smash Bros styled fighting game is something I would have figured to have been copied far more than it really has. And on that note, I have no problem with this game being so similar because I wasn't satisfied with Brawl, and I would love to play a Smash Bros styled game developed by a team who has a different design vision and theory than Masashiro Sakurai. (Because the more I read on his feelings regarding competitive games, I realized I never want to play a future Smash Bros game with him involved)

That said Sony doesn't really have too many characters I am interested in, but then again it wouldn't be the first time I play a crossover with a small interest percentage when it comes to the character roster.

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Dark Void.

It needs a sequel that goes all out with the concepts the first one laid out, both gameplay and story. Especially the crazy shit mentioned in the journals. (Like talking teleporting rocks, fucked up day/night cycles and "Letters Day eve" celebrations)

Also this: @csl316 said:

Streets of Rage Remake released officially so more people could bask in its glory.
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So yeah vote with your wallet, but not on polls am I right?

But more importantly, has this oh so important and stinging poll ever made companies change in any significant way? And if this poll was meant to even remotely be taken serious why did the Consumerist even bother to humor the "entitled" masses of nerd and gamers.

Also I noticed Bank of America has been on that poll since 2007, would finally winning this dubious award really matter at this point? You'd figure they had gotten the hint by now, that is if they actually give a damn about this poll.