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So excited! I started watching a couple of seasons ago and don't have a go-to podcast. Can't wait to hear you and Danny!

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Mullet Mallet was a wimp compared to Buffalo Bill. You keep showing those named champions who's the boss!

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Beware of the bad-ass that is Buffalo Bill!

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I'm so looking forward to watching this! If I end up playing this game for a 4th time, it will be all your fault amlabella! Long live the Lendurance Run :D

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It was so great to meet so many duders!! I was the girl in the striped sweater :) I hope we can get a regular meetup going. Best part of the night: drunk middle aged ladies asking to borrow the TED badges.

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Motorola Razr Maxx HD (Android). Stupid name but you can't beat the battery life on it!

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That sounds really great! A group of friends and I played the original as a group. It made the puzzle solving less tedious to have 4 different perspectives at the same time. It is really too bad that they won't have the original voices but understandable. As long as the sound effects don't change, then it won't bother me. My husband still uses the "get a point" chime as his text message sound!

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I permanently scratched my DS Lite screen playing Picross DS. Ever since, I have been a picross junkie! Downloading this right now so I can play it all day. At least I won't have to worry about charging my PC while playing :) More than once, I would use the entire battery on my DS playing nothing but picross.

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I subscribed to the "DDR Workout Plan" in college. Had an emulator on my computer with every song from DDR. I would play for a solid hour 3 or 4 times a week. It definitely helped me get in better shape!

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