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ll apply asap for ps4! Username: Lockes84

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Please feel free to add me! Lockes84 and if you all don't mind, I'll be adding you duders.

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Thumbs up. Good article mate.

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Hearthstone has sucked the most hours of my life this year and will continue to do so. Both my wife and I finished South Park separately and found it amazing.

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Beaverton, OR USA

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Much disappoint. I'm getting rather tired of non first party exclusives. Must have been a pretty hefty check.

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@chim21: and I just finished our matches. They were very good games and I somehow ended up on top. @thedew: I sent a pm and a bnet friend request. I'm available today and after 6:30 pst tomorrow. Let me know what works best for you my friend!

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@bisonhero: true, dreadfully boring. Such a boring topic I'm glad you took the time to reply.

I think the meta changes between every 5 ranks or so and most players don't have the legendaries to create those top decks. So I think the point of this topic is get a general sense on how everyone is meeting those challenges, even if we all can't hit legendary.

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Season 3 is upon us and with little surprise at all, Trump's free shaman deck is quite in style. Right now in the 20-15 ranks I've seen myself sparing the shaman 3 to 1. I'm working out a semi ramp Druid to counter. What are you seeing out there?

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Wow, that looks really good! I like the idea of a double elim so I'm game.The time frame that everyone has to set up their matches is generous too. Thanks for running the show @COV3RT!

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