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Downpour looks interesting, but I'm definitely looking forward to playing through the HD Collection first.

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@StrikeALight: @eroticfishcake: Looks like EU will see the HD Collection on March 9th, a few days later than NA.

Konami confirmed all of their Silent Hill release dates earlier today, which coincidentally all ship in March.

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After receiving AU Classification way back in November, the achievements were leaked today on X360A.org.

All we're waiting for is an announcement from Konami and some form of release date (along with hopefully a NA and EU confirmation). What do you guys think? While I'm looking forward to it, all the other Konami beat-em-ups (X-Men, TMNT 1989, etc) that I've downloaded have seen a couple hours of play and then never touched again. Some of the achievements seem pretty challenging and hint that it will include a Japanese version of the ROM as well.

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This is kind of a bummer. It looked interesting, but from the sounds of it, I'd only be frustrated by some of the design choices. Thanks for the impressions, guys.

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I didn't much care for Final Fantasy XIII, so playing through this demo didn't grab me right away. I may go back to one of these games eventually. All of the time travelling stuff in XIII-2 seems pretty insane, so there's that. I'll wait 'til Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning to get my RPG fix.

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That game is pretty weird. I enjoyed the bat-shit insanity of it, though. It's mostly QTE's and button mashing, which I figured as much when they showed the "real game footage" at E3. It feels a little shallow as far as the combat goes, but it's a gorgeous game with plenty of craziness. All in all, I may end up checking it out at some point.

@Rappelsiini: I believe it's available on the PSN later today if it isn't already.

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@benjaebe: Right? So strange that they wouldn't include The Room. Or even Origins? Heck, the MGS HD pack included Peace Walker. I'm sure they would've had to pay even more voice actors if they included more games, god forbid.

Didn't get a chance to hear Yamaoka's work in Shadows of the Damned, but he's working on that next Suda game too. Definitely a 180 switch from the subtle creepiness of Silent Hill.

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@Dagbiker: I loved Shattered Memories. That game had the most ingenious use of the Wii remote's speaker. Just putting that thing up to my ear sent chills all over every time.

@eroticfishcake: No official word yet on the EU release. Konami may make a statement when they announce those "firm" release dates they were talking about for all three SH titles later this week.

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@Abyssfull: Now I'm conflicted. I'll definitely be playing SH3 when the HD collection (eventually) ships.

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@xyzygy: That's a real bummer. Surely it can't be any worse than Homecoming, though, right?

@kingzetta: I guess it must be staying true to the series!