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@Alex: This is simply why I love video game news. This just in, SOPA still exists. Back to you, giant purple dong!

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Joystiq reported that retailers were pushing the date back to March 6th, 2012. Konami has since confirmed that the title will be delayed at least until then saying, "[the] Silent Hill HD Collection release date has been changed. The game will now be released in March. We will be sending out definitive dates on all three Silent Hill games later this week."

Slightly upsetting since I was looking forward to playing through Silent Hill 2 and have never played the third, especially considering that January is bone dry now when it comes to releases.

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Very cool seeing Naughty Dog working with Troy Baker in full performance capture. Can't wait for this one!

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I've kind of been over South Park for a while now. I'm mostly just interested in seeing what Obsidian can bring to the table as far as story is concerned, which is their major strong point in most of their games. Considering the story is never really a strong point in South Park... I guess color me uninterested? But interested.

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@jakob187: Hey I'm not the only one who thought Patrick wrote this! I guess this is saying a lot about Patrick's love of bondage crotches.

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@MisterMouse: Whoops... That's what I get for not paying attention. I guess it just sounded like a Patrick article. That sounds like a slight, but I swear it isn't!

Sorry, Alex. Thank you even MORE!

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Happy birthday!

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Very cool! I love how into it they are, even going so far as to remember certain story details. I'd be interested in seeing a 'where are they now' type thing, especially with the dude who played Johnny Cage.

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I like the idea of having a cab exclusively for KOF, Mark of the Worves or Metal Slug, but so many of those games are available everywhere nowadays. How about some King of the Monsters? Anyone remember those games? Or just throw some World Heroes 2 in there. Those were the games that were at my local laundromat growing up.