Tekken Tag Tournament 2 console hype

Just one month to go before Tekken Tag Tournament 2 hits stores and Namco releases several videos to hype TTT2.

1st shown is the console intro of TTT2 featuring returning characters Jinpachi Mishima, True Ogre and DLC characters Kunimitsu and Angel.

Also featured is the improved online mode of TTT2. Namco has added replay system (which is almost similar to the replay system used in SFxT ), categorized online battle system based on beginners to pro players and the World Tekken Federation. (WTF???)

Extra costumes and character panels are shown at this link: http://www.avoidingthepuddle.com/news/2012/8/14/tekken-tag-tournament-2-to-feature-special-collaboration-cos.html

Though not officially done by Namco Bandai, they are hyping these tutorial vids by levelupyourgame.com for beginners and the like to learn more about TTT2's gameplay.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Fight Lab, another new feature, is shown below:

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 console release dates:

  • Australia: September 10, 2012
  • North America: September 11, 2012
  • Japan: September 13, 2012
  • Europe: September 14, 2012

If the game was pre-ordered you will be able to access DLC characters for free (Michelle, Angel, Alex, Ancient Ogre) get the Big Bikini Bundle and the Snoop Dogg Stage for free.


tekken 6 bloodline rebellion tournament vids


some sample vids...
my channel features uploads of pro tekken 6 br vids (including old tekken crash vids) 
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Tekken Tag 2 news

Im sure a lot (or even all) are hyped-up regarding the release of TTT2. Here is the latest update for TTT2. 

 "Namco Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Arcade Machines are scheduled for release in December this year, however order closing date is on 6th June. Key features include worldwide networking through internet,  Namco's new "Bana-Passport" player cards and live monitor data feature.

To maximize the machine and network connection performance, "Live Monitor" has been introduced which is a library of each site, each country or each region's top 20 players data. This can be researched  and replayed, together with comparing with other players. Top players have certain fight styles and  players can now refer and learn the latest movements.

For many years, Japan has operated on network and live content updates to machines in the arcade centres and its the first time that Namco is introducing content management to the world market. The key points for operators are;

  • you must have internet connection for this game to work (the game cannot work offline)
  • you must have the game board charged via prepaid cards, ie, you buy charge cards which add "points" to your game board. Each time a player using the machine, 5 points are deducted. If your game board has zero points, the game stops working
  • weekly/monthly live updates are given to the game board introducing new characters, venues, combo moves and more. These updates occur automatically without the need for the game owner to manually update their machines.

Please therefore note, if your machine is offline or not charged with credit, it will not work. Points cards  (1 card = 10,000 points) for operators can be purchased and once installed into the machine will  transfer credit onto the gameboard.

Closing date for all dedicated machines orders is June 6th for delivery in December. Namco is very strict  with their deadlines, if you miss the cutoff, we estimate the next following production will be either  released in March or June 2012. Game kits will be (to our estimates) released in June 2012."

If your local arcade can afford the "Live Monitor", You will be able to watch matches of top players world wide straight from your arcade!  

Source: Avoidingthepuddle.com   
This may not sound like good news to me. Oh my.  
  • you must have internet connection for this game to work (the game cannot work offline)
  • you must have the game board charged via prepaid cards, ie, you buy charge cards which add "points" to your game board. Each time a player using the machine, 5 points are deducted. If your game board has zero points, the game stops working

We may all be happy abt. our games and technology evolving, but I think this way too much. The "Live Monitor" maybe ok, watching top Tekken players batlle, but I dont think that will work. The Arcade business is declining too.  Im not sure how arcade owners may profit on this. This is just too gimmicky, turn off fans and players and may even cause bankruptcy. 
I rather have them spend more time and money developing a killer game. Dont like to say this but this new system could result in an epic fail.  
Could possible work on Japan, maybe South Korea, but come on.  Hopefully this system will change in time. The current ID card system is good to me. Hope they utilize the old system instead for other regions. 

Sagat and cammy confirmed in street fighter x tekken.


Might be some old news for some but as shown in these teaser trailers, Sagat and Cammy are now confirmed for Street Fighter X Tekken. Unless of course these are guys someone else, but come on! I dont anyone who plays Street Fighter would think these guys are someone else! Good thing they are in as they are amongst the most popular Street Fighter characters. And I havent seen Sagat on those Marvel Vs Capcom crossovers. There havent been any news yet regarding new Tekken additions though. Who else would you want to see? What are your dream teams?
Saga and Bob 

tekken tag tournament 2 wishlist


Just announced awhile back, this will be arcade the intro of the upcoming Tekken Tag Tournament 2. This was also announced in Twitter and Facebook by Katsuhiro Harada, so it is official. It is also in the official website (which is Japanese). 

Trailer shows Heihachi, Feng, Alisa, Miguel among others in action. Short cameos (?) are shown as well. Dont be surprised (or even complain) on the character partnerships shown in this video; seems that either game is non-canon or it has a different story. Im leaning more on it becoming non-canon though. Plus the remix of the old TTT BGM. Great! Another thing is that this is slated to be released around the same time as the Tekken CG movie entitled Tekken Blood: Vengeance.
Heihachi: There is a reason why  they made him look young. 
Kunimitsu:  Still not here
 Anyway since there are a lot of videos hyping up Tekken Tag Tournament 2. what are your thoughts on this game? Like any game improvements, character balance, additional or returning characters you wish to see (ahem, Kunimitsu), nerfs, buffs, wishlists, etc. you might want to see in this game?  What are you looking forward to this game? Any current thing you have seen in the trailers you do not like? Any opinions? 
 Jaycee: Julia or Christie? Or entirely new?

Jun: Returning at last.

Tekken Crash: South Korea Tekken 6 BR Tournament season 7

South Korea is occasionally holding a 3 on 3 tournament named Tekken Crash. It involves the best Tekken 6 players in South Korea (possibly the world).
Tekken Crash 7 is currently held and 1st round eliminations were currently finished. It has been a sort of season of upsets as former champs Three Witches got eliminated in the prelims and heavy favorites and two time champs Resurrection are gone after the 1st round. 

Videos are shown in these channels:
Here are the lineups and 1st round results.

Group A Qualified teams:
Bou Returns – Strawberry Jam (Rav), Magnetic (Jul), Fight Devil Jin (Ste)
Infinity S – Workboy (Lar), Pung Ho (Lee), Lee 3 (Wan)

Eliminated teams:
Resurrection – Knee (Bry), Holeman (Lar), Tongbal Love (Dev)
Thanatos – Saint (Gan), Hideto (Pau), Envy (Jac)

Group B Qualified teams:
Why Works – Addung (Asu), Naengmyun Sungin (Rog), Narakhof (Mar)
Deja Vu – Dasalgi (Ste), Hao (Fen), Deja Vu (Bry)

Eliminated teams:
The Gunners – Taeyon (Leo), Dongja (Hwo), Go Attack (Rog)
City Guys – Mungu (Mar), Gatominaru (Kin), DJ Vamp (Bru)

Group C Qualified teams:
Najin Specialist – Fight Spirit (Ste), Rain (Bru), Hankuma (Kum)
WTF – Holiday (Rog), Mulmangcho (Mig), Pokujingi (Dra)

Eliminated teams:
Infinity – Isaac (Law), Ccer (Lil), Shinz (Lar)
The Attractions – This (Jac), Jisang (Pau), Chobob (Bob)

Group D Qualified teams:
Najin Zeus – Binchang (Lar), Ji3moon Ace (Bob), JDCR (Arm)
Superstar – Malgu (Law), Dioxin (Nin), Sun Chip (Bry)

Eliminated teams:
URR Rollickers – Mother’s Friend’s Son (Lee), K1 (Rav), Appado (Bru)
The Hypocrites – Moonlight (Bae), Irony (Lee), Solid (Gan)

2nd round match ups: 
Tekken Crash S7 8-A 
1. Bou Returns VS WTF
2. Why Works VS Superstar

Tekken Crash S7 8-B 
Najin Specialist VS Infinity S
Najin Zeus VS Deja Vu

1. First to 3. Though in Final 4, Finals and Battle for 3rd is First to 6 wins.
2. Winner of 1st bracket vs Winner of 2nd bracket. (called Winner's match) Winner here advances to next round.
3. Loser of 1st bracket vs Loser of 2nd Bracket. (called Loser's bracket) Loser here is eliminated.
4. Winner of Loser's Match vs Loser of Winner's match. Winner of this match will advance while loser is eliminated.

Here is a brief rundown of the past champions as well. 

Tekken Crash 1- Played on the original Tekken 6 format
1st: Triple V- Park Woo Chung (Jack 6), Babe Shin Young (Bob) , Chunrae (Heihachi)
2nd: Envynism- Envy (Julia), Crazy Dongpal (Kazuya), Tongbal Love (Devil Kazuya)

Tekken Crash 2
1st: Triumph- Narakhof (Marduk), Holeman (Kazuya), Misty (Eddy)
2nd: SangguDaezang- Ran (Christie),  Crazy Dongpal (Kazuya), Tongbal Love (Devil Kazuya)
3rd: Judgment: Binchang (Lars), Envy (Julia), Aya Hirano (Alisa)

Tekken Crash 3 aka Ottogi
1st: Specialist: Rain (Bruce), Holeman (Lars), Hankuma (Kuma)
2nd: Superstar- Soyongdori (Devil Jin), Malgu (Law), Sunchip (Bryan)
3rd:  YosulGoteun Somshi- Narakhof (Marduk), Dasalgi (Steve), Naengmyun Sungin (Roger)

Tekken Crash 4
1st: Resurrection- Holeman (Lars), Tongbal Love (Devil Jin), Knee (Bryan)
2nd: Najin Specialist- Lee Mario (Roger), Hankuma (Kuma), Rain (Steve)
3rd: Three Witches- Only Practice (Nina), Chanel (Alisa), Gura (Lili)

Tekken Crash 5
1st: Three Witches- Only Practice (Nina), Chanel (Alisa), Gura (Lili)
2nd: Resurrection-  Holeman (Lars), Tongbal Love (Devil Jin), Knee (Bryan)
3rd: Najin Specialis-  Hankuma (Leo), Rain (Lars), JDCR (Armor King)

Tekken Crash 6
1st:  Resurrection-  Holeman (Lars), Tongbal Love (Devil Jin), Knee (Bryan)
2nd: Najin Specialist- JDCR (Armor King), Hankuma (Leo), Rain (Steve)
3rd: Gunners- Taeyeon (Leo), Dongja (Hwoarang), Go Attack (Roger)

Videos of Tekken Crash 1 to Tekken Crash 4 are unfortunately unavailable as the uploader, Jon747's account in youtube has been banned.

Any thoughts on MK Legacy?

Just watched MK Legacy ep. 4 ft. Kitana and Mileena's origins.  While I felt this was better than ep. 3, it was still a little short (9 min including credits). Though I understand its purpose of setting up the origins of the kombatants, I feel it really lacks running time. Though I don't really like to complain and I respect the work, waiting for a week for something less than 10 min or so does not really feel satisfying.  It is still way better than both the MK movies though.  I also feel good that is stuck to true MK canon. The reimagined, more realistic version maybe ok though.

Any opinions or suggestions on the MK legacy episodes?

ps: Im also not sure if someone blogged abt MK Legacy as well or if there is an ongoing thread. Just new here...

Who should be the cover of NBA 2k12?

Based on season performance, impact, popularity, image, appeal, etc. who do you think should be the cover of NBA 2k12?

Past players who were already covered (in 2k and NBA live) are excluded (like Jordan, Wade, Durant, Kobe, Dwight)